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    Hyperion Helios Moonbase (WIP) 2019-01-22

    INCOMPLETE WIP Moonbase from Borderlands 2

    1. IcedCoffee24
      Game version:
      Didn't see anything for the moonbase uploaded as a blueprint so I got bored and decided to try making my own. The current one being uploaded is an exterior with shields, reactors and some missiles I put on when testing some stuff. Currently there is no interior or entry to get inside, and the exterior pictures I had to work with were very limited meaning the back of the moonbase is blank. Other than that it is an incomplete work in progress and I hope to finish it soon!
      helios 1.jpg helios 2.jpg helios 3.jpg helios 4.jpg helios 5.jpg helios 6.jpg

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    1. Hyperion Helios Moonbase (still WIP)

    Recent Reviews

    1. spunk1o1
      Version: 2019-01-22
      Excellent replica!
    2. klawxx
      Version: 2019-01-22
      Man, I love both of your stations. Even if its just a hull, we need more props anyways. I can only Imagine them orbiting one of the new "Universe Update" planets, it would be glorious! Now, If you do some kind of interior it would be even better. =)