GS Container(Scavenger) 2.0

    Crudely repaired cargo container

    1. isonori
      This container was discarded by its former owner and punched several times by stray debris which disabled part of this container`s self-powered machinery.
      Then it was repaired crudely by unknown scavengers, using small pieces of junk they have(including partially decayed USD collar).Now it serves them as convenient mean of transportation.

      This content is based on Gasboy`s Cargo containers for GS-91-1000-STANDARD.


      1. starmade-screenshot-0003.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0004.png
      3. starmade-screenshot-0005.png

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    1. Updated reactor

    Recent Reviews

    1. Gasboy
      Version: 1.0
      I love that people come up with neat ideas for something I made. :D Keep up the good scavenging!
    2. DoomCarrot
      Version: 1.0
      It is such a simple idea, but it works nicely as a scavenger ship concept. However, I feel like it could use a few more random bits instead of just being a box (-1), as well as actually completely sealing the holes in its interior, so it feels more like a scevenger ship than a direlect (-1).
      1. isonori
        Author's Response
        Thanks for your review.
        I wanted not to break its compatibility and "incorrectly repaired" atmosphere.
    3. MChain
      Version: 1.0
      Very nice work dude. I'd add several more variations of these containers with different damage caused and different patches. Maybe even two of them welded together.
      1. isonori
        Author's Response
        Thanks for review!
        I`m waiting to see your variants.