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    BiPanel class freighter 1.0

    2 metal plates with various thingy

    1. isonori
      This is 2 salvaged plates welded together, created by unknown faction in an attempt to build something flyable with cargo pod on board.
      This ship has USD(remaining on one of plates), a salvaged booster of Inter-Steller Missile which powers entire ship, remaining thruster(with cool blue stripe), and cockpit(an observatory removed from aging hulk of drifting passenger ship).
      There is a 3x3x5 cargo pod (holds 400 units of cargo) welded inside of plate.


      1. starmade-screenshot-0000.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0001.png

    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 1.0
      What a great piece of junk! No offence. The ship and the concept behind it is great, would love to see more of those "flying debris piles"...

      You know, you need creativity to build a decent looking ship, but you need an insane level of creativity to build something like this.

      Took for my collection.
    2. greatmatt
      Version: 1.0
      Very interesting concept, i'd love to see bigger and more complex versions of "plate" ships, they also serve as very good derelicts. Great work!