GCBS-Archangel (WIP)

    GCBS-Archangel (WIP) 1.8

    This is my Glaive Class Battleship, but redone to look better and move a little faster.
    It is complete exterior wise, but the systems inside are being redone and are currently waiting for the weapons update.

    The current stats so far (to be changed):

    Weapons stats are currently waiting for the weapons update.

    For more screenshots click here: http://imgur.com/a/RlBaH

    Let me know of any problems with the blueprint, as this is a big ship with multiple docking.
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    Awesome as always epic thou is I may ask, are you planing on updating this?
    Amazing. one note when i was in build mode u can see massive corridor of power capacitors. why don't u just put Shield Regeneraters there instead of a gap? just saying cause on mine i filled it with Shield Regeneraters.
    This is beautiful ship and i thought it needed to move up the ladder a bit so please take my 5 stars.

    Damn, look at all those blue squares lol
    A excellent ship too many small turrets for my taste (though there is nothing wrong with them) I especially like the bow and the stern hanger door. I dont think ive seen a ship built with even symetry before.
    Pictures don't do this Ship Justice.
    There are 161 Turrets! (including Turret 0)
    I don't know much about shields or weapons.
    All in all this is a BEAUTIFUL Design, Can't wait for it to be updated!
    the glaive battleship is a personal favorite of mine and seeing this new remodel just made my day :D.