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    As the tag line already said, Foretresses were some of the largest and most powerful ships in the Forerunner navy. The standard model had a length of 50 km, but a new model of 100 km was designed later to combat the Flood. Very little is known about this ship, thats why I gave the design a bit of a personal touch while still trying to remaining loyal to the Halo canon as much as possible by being inspired by the description given to the ship on Halopedia and the design made by D4RKST0RM99, who already saw a non-canon design being canonized by 343 Industries before. As for weaponry the Foretress has 1 large Beam-Missle laser on the front, 2 sets of lock-on missiles (12 groups each) and a large array of AI-controlled turrets on the front and the tail of the ship. On top of that it also has 20 small drones docked to the circular launch bays.

    Sidenote: The latest update might have caused a bug or 2 in the way logic works, so unlike on previous versions, half of the time the mechanism to launch the Retrievers might not respond. Feel free to let me know if you experience this issue as well.

    I hope this ship will help you on your journey to protect the Mantle of Responsibility, Forerunner...
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