"Fair And Balanced"

    "Fair And Balanced" 3.0

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    "trying to kill it might be something akin to shooting a bb-gun at a titanium forest" -DJ Arghlex

    Yeah so this is the meta. Single lines of systems and lance beams x1000, +impossible to kill.

    It has the following:

    -Selectfire turrets




    -Docked entities (x752345237256)

    -Beam. Lot of beam.

    -Custom thinking face

    -Insulting Slogans

    -6km in all directions.

    It'll chew through most things in a few seconds, and is incredibly hard to kill for a 59k.

    *May take a few minutes to load in all the way.
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    4.59 star(s) 22 ratings

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    How far can it throw a 90 kg stone
    I looked at this and my palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti
    10/10; would obliterate everything in my path again. Also, somehow, despite being little more than a strictly utilitarian abomination, this thing manages to have a certain beauty to its design.
    Who the hell would want to fly in this thing ?
    Me. Nobody *should*, but it's an example of the best possible ship design in the game.
    the future of starmade? I guess i can stop building ships now.
    Well done a fine wire killer. But this is not a power fault nor is power 2.0 going to fix it. Back in the days of core killing and no ship health system one then core locking missile would kill this ship. Lockon missiles then hit something where today all they do is dance. In power 2.0 something else will be even more crazy. And then what? Power 3.0? In a sandbox game you can never prevent people from building in unexpecting ways nor should you.
    literally what

    this has nothing to do with power, it's about string cheese
    pretty good basic demonstration of this concept. probably pretty scary that this isn't even that close to what you can really do with something like this. oh well, we'll see if schine responds or not
    null and insulting
    Insulting? Yes. Null? Not sure what you mean by that. Care to elaborate?