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    ESS Valkyria-class Frigate 2019-06-10

    Europican Empire long-mid range combat frigate.

    1. Dragonslayer918
      Game version:
      Replacing old custom-built starships and re-purposed transports previously used as warships by the Europican Empire, the Valkyria-class was designed and fabricated at Euros Shipyards to act as a long-distance strike and patrol craft. Housing up to 8 active crew at a time with 10 more in deep-sleep cryostatis, the Valkyria was built to keep its distance from enemy ships and strike from afar; a range at which many Europican Colonial Defense Force and other rebel organisations struggle at. While groups of 2 of 3 Valkyrias are usually deployed for patrol in high-risk areas and for supression, their main role in a greater fleet is to provide long-range fire support while larger cruisers and battleships take the brunt of enemy firepower. starmade-screenshot-0134.png starmade-screenshot-0133.png


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    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 2019-06-10
      but i thought valkries were in the aether..