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    EFS_PGF-TS_2019 2019-01-07

    SkylordLuke_FleetSubmission_5: Dedicated Cargo Transport - [TSTC] - Rebuild Power 2.0

    1. Tsnonak
      Game version:
      Here at Stuck In Space [SIS] we pride ourselves on investing in the best technologies!

      The Space Nation [SN] R&D division; Top Sekret Test Corp [TSTC], is constantly making "space-breaking" technological advancements and improvements in all areas of space-travel, defensive and offensive systems, and logistics!

      The tests are complete and we are proud to release our " power 2.0 updated and customized" version of SkylordLuke's "dedicated cargo ship" from: Fleet_Submission_5 [Engineers]... many thanks for this awesome design!

      Thanks to recent advancements in thruster-technology, we decided to replace the engines completely!

      If you are looking for a solid ship with the newest technological advancements for your faction... This "monster-of-a-transport" has all the extras!

      FTL chambers
      Defense chambers
      Mobility chamber
      Power chamber
      Stealth chambers

      The specs:



      See you In Space!
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