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    Written by Yelby

    Version 1.0 is working on Singleplayer until we can add the correct mod ID.
    Version 1.2 has the correct version for use on servers

    The Duckets mod allows players to compress Metal Grills into the Ducket Block. Duckets can be used as currency, trading ships and meta items in logic based cargo shops.

    Duckets can be minted in the following Recipes at a Basic Factory:
    Bronze Ducket 100K = 100,000 Metal Grills + 200,000 Crystal Composite
    Silver Ducket 10M = 100 Bronze Ducket + 200,000 Crystal Composite
    Gold Ducket 1B = 100 Silver Ducket + 200,000 Crystal Composite
    This allows storing wealth in a physical block.

    Many Player Trades can be setup including Server operated shop providing missing meta items (Bronze)
    & Player run shops offering blueprint copy or filled blueprints in exchange for (silver/gold)

    We offer Grill Debt to players, allowing for ship/station loans, oversized ship licenses, and other services in server. Metal Grill Fees can be high, compressing them down allows for easier payments in game.

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    Latest updates

    1. V1.3 Version Fix

      for some unknown reason, the 1.2 update was sending v1.1 We will append the version to the...
    2. V1.2 Duckets: Basically Compressed Grills.

      Code optimisation New Mod Icon Versioning set correctly
    3. V1.1 Added proper mod ID

      The 1.1 version adds the correct StarMade Mod ID to the Duckets Mod. This should allow servers...

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