DI X-wing

    DI X-wing 2.1

    - Made the wings .25 longer
    - Added designation stripes on the wings
    - Changed the Red to Blue (Will be uploading Red Squadron separately, or download v2.0 if you want a generic Red)

    Image Archive: (v2.0)
    starmade-screenshot-0132.png starmade-screenshot-0130.png
    Wings deployment has been overhauled,
    If you hold the turret rail control, the wings will deploy, and if you hold “C“ the wings will close.

    Other changes:
    - Systems have been redone
    - Proton Torpedoes added
    - Nosecone & Central body have slab walls instead of slopes.

    - Minor adjustments to systems to allow function in current game version
    - Added gif of S-foils in action
    - Added Blue Squadron variant

    starmade-screenshot-0001.png starmade-gif-0000.gif

    * Bonus - Pesky error text when firing weapons appears to be gone!