DI Eta-2 Bundle

    DI Eta-2 Bundle 6 Ships

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    This is a bundle including the following 6 Eta-2 Interceptors:
    Ahsoka Tano
    Anakin Skywalker
    Mace Windu
    Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi (Blue)
    Darth Vader​

    The Doc Industries Eta-2 is purely intended for roleplay, as it has only superficial combat abilities. It's equipped with 2 laser cannons, and a Hyperdrive Ring.

    Stats: (Without Ring)
    - Thrust/mass ratio: 5.0
    - Top Speed: 683.3
    - No Shields
    - Reactor Size: 6
    - DPS (All Cannons): 27
    The Interceptor has Top Speed 3, and Turn Rate 3

    Stats: (With Ring)
    - Thrust/mass ratio: 4.9
    - Top Speed: 503.1
    - No Shields
    - Reactor Size: 7
    - No Weapons
    The Hyperdrive Ring has a Jump Drive with Powerefficiency 3, Distance 3, Multi Charge 3, Autocharge, and Charge Speed 3

    --Some Variants are slower due to Standard Armor


    When Undocked:
    - Dock Eta-2 into ring
    - Swap to Ring
    - Use Hyperdrive

    When Docked:
    - Swap to Eta-2
    - Undock from Ring
    - Use Interceptor​


    Ani & Obi:
    starmade-screenshot-0047.png Ani+Obi fighters.png

    starmade-screenshot-0048.png AhsokaEta2.png

    starmade-screenshot-0049.png r_mace-windu-starfighter-024.jpg

    starmade-screenshot-0050.png 51tJ2+nNi7L._AC_SX425_.jpg

    Obi (Blue):
    starmade-screenshot-0051.png saga-legends-obi-wan-s-jedi-starfighter-blue-version-002.jpg

    All 6:

    Open to suggestions for other Eta-2 Designs
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