Astronomical observatory with a usable telescope

    Astronomical observatory with a usable telescope v1.4

    Game version
    v0.202.87 (NO SYSTEMS)
    This is an awesome little astronomical observatory that you can actually use!

    It can be moved around realistically, and using the front camera of the telescope will actually change the optics and enable you to zoom into the depths of space! Just hop into the core of the telescope entity and right-click on its cannon computer on the hotbar.

    This upload is a package of two files, the turret-like observatory entity, plus a template of a housing structure into which you can dock the movable observatory itself.

    Together they are a good-looking and semi-realistic roleplay addition to any large structure, like space stations, planetary homebases or very large ships, like my titan from which it originates (shown in the spoiler below):

    • Make sure to open the dome cover (a plex door) before using the telescope!
    • You must have your "Max build area" setting in the "Server.cfg" file set to at least 65 meters to be able to place the template.

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    4.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Made it zoomable; removed outdated blocks; all-around touch-up

      Built a cannon computer into the telescope entity, which is zoomable from the flight mode hotbar...
    2. Removed outdated power blocks

      Removed outdated power blocks.
    3. Minor fixes

      Fixed the lost connection between two wireless blocks of the elevator.

    Latest reviews

    well...i cant think of a joke, its gdod, thats all i can say about it.
    No problem, I prefer my resources being "taken seriously" ;D

    Jokes aside, I'm glad you appreciate it, thanks :)
    So my "max build area" is 100 but the Observatory won't fit in its housing. Can you try to explain what I did wrong or maybe recheck it and update the template?
    I checked it to make sure, and it did fit for me. The correct way to install this observatory is to (1) place the housing structure template, (2) then approach it with the observatory entity using its front camera, coming close enough so that its docking beam can hit the turret axis block from outside the housing itself, (3) then remove the large bulk of thrusters from the back of the flyable observatory so that they aren't in the way when trying to dock :)
    Wow! Amazing, it's the atmosphere you achieve that make it soo believable. I only wish i could rotate it in the XZ axis while at the scope... I would live to see a 2000's themed city of yours with this building on it.
    On a side note i had some trouble reaching the elevator button from the inside. I saw the wireless module but failed to figure out how it works. =(
    Thank you for the review, I'm happy to hear that you like it :)

    I might make something similar to what you recommended, I have been planning to start a city project for a while.

    If you experienced any trouble with moving the telescope, it might be that the plex door dome cover was left closed (or maybe I misunderstood, and you were referring to the impossibility to point the telescope downward).

    And thanks for telling me about the elevator button problem, I will fix it (the one you tried to use should have been connected to the one on the top) :)