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    In late 2015, Alterintel released the "Very Basic/Cheap Starter Station V1". I have used this a few times before and always found it a useful starting point in any game. Since the new power update I have used an updated version of the station that whilst maintained the general idea of the original, lacked any real attempt to make it look pleasing to the eye.

    This is a total strip down and rebuild that retains the central core and docking arms but has extended these further out and added in a ring. This ring contains all of the extra systems required such as stabilisers as well as factory enhancers and cargo space. This cleans up the stations exterior look and has allowed for the addition of some VERY BASIC defensive turrets. If used as a faction home base, these turrets will help to keep the number of missiles down and provide some covering fire. If it is just being used as an outpost, it is unlikely to survive for very long. There is a small space on the top of the station that would allow for the installation of a small shield generator but as this is likely to be used as a cheap starter home base, I have left this space empty.

    Once again, basic grey hull is used for the construction (including the turrets) and there is little in the way of additional "fluff". One small concession is the logic controlled USD doors that will open automatically when a ship docks. Astronauts can enter the station by pressing the button and leave by simply walking through the automated door.

    The central core is generally the same though I have moved a few things around. The factories are in their original position and give x1, x10 and x100. The Undeathinator is now in the floor in the middle. Gravity blocks are fitted in each docking arm and in the central core and the build block and faction block are, I believe in the opposite corner. One corner is now devoid of anything so could be used for some RP touches or extra storage or systems. The other corner has a transporter. While this is not exactly necessary early in the game, I felt it was a nice "luxury" to include as I have seen some starter ships fitted with them.

    In tests, it took me about ten minutes of mining in a basic starter miner to gather the resources to sell back to the spawn shop in order to buy all of the components to build this. I cannot imagine it taking more than an hour to build each part individually in a temporary factory set-up.

    While slightly bigger (51M in diameter rather than 29M), I have tried to keep to the spirit of the original. I want to thank Alterintel for sharing the original station and give them full credit for the station that this is based upon.

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