Aggressive NPC Faction Config File

    Aggressive NPC Faction Config File 1.0

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    I haven't had as much opportunity to test this but it does seem to work.

    The faction will consider you to be a personal enemy almost as soon as you arrive on the server. If you then create a faction, they will declare war on you.

    I have reduced the number of ships they send out to defend/attack to try and prevent them from spamming a load of ships.

    I have also prevented them from coming to attack your homebase as this proved to be a little problematic!

    I have set this up for the Scavengers faction but you can create your own NPC faction and use this config file for them.

    All you would need to do to change it to a different faction would be to open the file in Notepad (or Notepad++) and scroll down to line 246 where it should say <FactionName>Scavengers</FactionName> and just change the name to suit your new NPC faction. I don't know if this actually makes any difference but I do it anyway.

    If you have any feedback/suggestions please let me know via Discord (Starloader or StarMade communities)



    Go to you StarMade installation folder and then go to StarMade/npcFactions/Scavengers and overwrite the file that is already there.

    If you want the opportunity to switch back to the original file, change the filename or save it somewhere else.

    All you need to do is to create a new world and the Scavenger faction should hate you!

    As I said, if you have any feedback/suggestions please let me know via Discord.

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