ASI Hyena Class Day One Scavenger

    ASI Hyena Class Day One Scavenger 8.0

    The Hyena Class Scavenger was designed and developed for one purpose. The server I normally played on was resetting and I wanted something that I could build from the default starting resourses and some of the cash and be away from spawn as quickly as possible.

    I had a checklist of what I wanted to achieve and I believe that I covered every point.

    • It needed to be as close as possible to a 2.5 thrust to mass ratio
    • It needed a multiple beam salvage array
    • It needed plenty of cargo space so that it could be used as a cargo ship when I was ready to move on
    • It needed a jump drive that may not be 100% efficient but would not cause power drain under normal circumstances
    • It needed a Radar Jammer that could be used while charging the jump drive above
    • It needed some shields and shield rechargers to help protect the ship, pilot and contents from a stray shot or two
    • It needed to have a little scope for upgrade/modification
    • and above all it needed to NOT look like a block of systems and little else

    When I rejoined the updated server I uploaded the blueprint, and added what I needed from my default inventory. I then spent a couple of minutes buying from the spawn shop everything else I needed and still had money left over for a couple of build blocks, an undeathinator, some more faction blocks, rail basics and a few other odds and ends that come in handy when starting out. Five minutes later I was ready to explore the new universe and look for somewhere to call home.

    *** With the NPC update you will have to check that certain items are available before you comit to adding them to the blueprint! ***

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