ASI Hyena Class Day One Scavenger

    ASI Hyena Class Day One Scavenger 8.0

    I was planning on retiring this little ship but after finding it was still fully functioning in the latest, QF version of the game, I decided to do a little optimisation and add some new features.

    The new version is ready for the universe update and has floodlights for cave exploration in the new planets! These are controlled by a button on the hotbar. If you forget to switch them off, they are automatically extinguished when you next dock to another ship or a space station.

    It has now also been fitted with a rather useful radar jammer!
    While it is now unlikely to be possible to build this from the start up resources, it should not be too difficult to have this up and running within a short space of time on a new server or to add to an existing fleet to use as a simple scavenger or as a mining drone.

    It is now fully compatible with new power and weapons and now includes a tractor beam and auto-charging jump drive with level 2 distance chambers. It also uses a speed 2 chamber and level 2 mining bonus.

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