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    Albedo Project 156 0.8

    A truly spaceSHIP! or not...

    1. Darkkostas25

      Still WIP (for 4 month) but mostly done(i hope)

      Stats!(i know u guys love stats, everyone loves them!)
      Mass: 271,130 (2,105,082) (lil bit heavy)
      Length: 682m; Height: 114m; Witdth: 113m
      Power: 253,857,561.4; Regen: 12,152,706.4
      Thrust: 154,446.5; Max Speed: 80.0 (on standart(vanila) servers)
      Shields: 24,223,595; Regen: 1,062,935
      Cargo: 1M
      Offense: HeatSeeking Missiles Damage: 5,149,800; Shots: 9
      Radius: 8,3; MissileSpeed: 94; Range: 3200; Reload: 15000ms
      8 Medium turrets (stats soon)
      1 Big turret (stats soon)
      Jump Drive, Jump Inhibitor(just don't ask why, i don't know why), Scanner Anthenna, Transporter (same as jump inhibitor)
      Also: 2 Cargobay's for ships and one for cargo (coz why not? i'ts called "cargo" so why don't put some real cargo in it?)
      2 elevators for crew and one elevator-like platform
      Lots of rooms and space (for crewmembers 4+ levels)

      Based on:
      Building The Future

    Recent Reviews

    1. cowmaster14
      Version: 0.8
      I think that you did a very well job overall keep it up!
    2. stowbag
      Version: 2016-04-05
      Absolutely amazing ship, i myself am working on a large freighter like yours called the polaris, but mines only around 300m long...