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    809 Ravage 2019-09-08

    Hit and run corvette

    1. Tshara
      Game version:
      The 809 Ravage was developed from a mysterious wreck found at the edges of Wild Space. This resulted in a fast and nimble corvette class ship perfect for hit and run tactics.

      This ship packs quite a punch with its dual forward mounted heat rays. Two additional missile tubes complete the main weapon configuration of this corvette.

      The main hull is outfitted with 4 light AMS turrets. However its top speed will most likely make this ship outrun most missiles fired at it.

      A full interior provides plenty of space for a crew of 8. Stocked with a fully functional med bay, cargo capacity and transporter system.

      This is my take on the challenge JW608 made to repair the 608 corvette he provided. It was a lot of fun to design. If you want to know more about that go here:


      1. S064.jpg
      2. S065.jpg
      3. S066.jpg

    Recent Reviews

    1. Tedblobbloke 2.0
      Tedblobbloke 2.0
      Version: 2019-09-08
      I've only just downloaded this ship, And it's already my pride and joy. I love how some of the doors have locks, and the screens with things like the kitchen rules are wonderful. particularly the note on the one in the bridge with the reactor power.
      1. Tshara
        Author's Response
        The bridge note to inform the captain was actually from JW608 original ship. I kept it in because it was funny :D
    2. Tilbo
      Version: 2019-09-08
      I always love a great looking ship!
    3. klawxx
      Version: 2019-09-08
      Amazing Co-Lab! The two distinct build styles blended really well.