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    Website launch today!

    Discussion in 'News' started by schema, Apr 4, 2014.

    1. schema

      schema Cat God

      Feb 17, 2012
      Hello and welcome to StarMade,

      This message will be visible in the launcher as long as the new launcher isn't deployed. News will be available on the new site, and your launcher will tell you when the new launcher is available.

      The website launch will now being. To migrate all database data without losses, the site will be put into read-only-mode soon

      The new version of the game is a website specific update (using our new API to uplink and upload structures). Also a new lwjgl version is provided which might help some intel graphics users.

      There are no new features in this version, as it is made on a different branch of the code solely for the purpose of the website launch. When the website has been successfully launched, the branch will be merged back into the current game code.

      Hopefully the migration will be done soon, and you can soon enjoy the new website!

      The authentication for the game will automatically change after the migration is done, so you should at all times of this procedure be able to play starmade.

      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - schema
    2. Morphix

      Jun 20, 2013
      I think it\'s safe to say we\'re all very excited for this new website!
    3. Sven_The_Slayer

      Aug 14, 2013
      I really hope we will be able to update and delete our uploaded ships if necessary.
    4. Pholopalus

      Pholopalus あなたは笑う、あなたは失う

      Apr 10, 2013