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    Turret Classifactions

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SilverSil, Aug 23, 2013.

    1. SilverSil

      Jul 31, 2013
      seen spaceship classifactions all around but no such thing for turrets, so i figured that a small one at least (until a proper one can be arranged) should be in order.

      So i present to you all my classifactions for turret building and how i seperate them:

      (feel free to suggest any to add to it.)


      These are generally the simplest of turrets. used primaraly to deny astronaut movement in an area. unsuitible for ship-to-ship combat. they are generally around 10-50 blocks in mass. recomended for planets(surface placed, and inside larger space stationss, to prevent enemy activity.


      These are your rank-and-file turrets. They are used for point-defense against enemy interceptor/fighters. They are genereally around 51-5000 blocks in mass. recomendded for corvette classes and crusiers.


      At this point turrets start swaping a point defense role to an offensive role. They are used as offensive weapons by battleship classes and higher to increase the total overall damage output of a ship. Turrets of this class are generally around 5001- 20,000 blocks in mass. Recomendded for battleship class spaceships and higher due to raw damage output and power requirements.


      The most powerful turrets. Turrets in this class are suitible for engaging the biggest and toughest enemy ships. They deal deveastating damage, and as such are usually used for defending the most important of ships and bases from attack. This class of turrets generally have more then 20,000 blocks in there construction. Recomended for capital ship & base defense usage as the power requirements of these turrets are the highest when firing.


      Now as for turret types they are seperated into four types:


      fires at a single point in space from a single barrel


      Multibarreled turrets that fire at more then a single point in space in any given time.


      Turrets purpose built for rapid fire to deny an area in space to enemy movement.


      Turrets that fire at odd angles to confuse and/or deceive targets.

      if there is anything you feel is missing feel free to post. =)
    2. A Fat Pokemon

      Jun 25, 2013
      Good classification, but I think it could be extended a little xD My turret would be a class 4, but vastly exceeds the minimum requirment.


      Somewhere between 90-100k mass, so its atleast more than 900k blocks. It just seems a little narrow to me, as there are quite a lot of turrets that fall into class 4 I would guess.
    3. Morhe

      Jul 14, 2013
      I tend to just use this along with the words \"flak\" or \"cannon,\" where a \"flak\" turret is one that shoots many weak lasers and a \"cannon\" turret is one that fires few strong lasers. So I could have a \"Micro Flak Turret,\" a \"Class A Cannon Turret,\" and so on.

      Your \"chaingun\" variant probably wouldn\'t see much use due to the fact that weapons computer settings are not saved with blueprints, meaning every new turret you add to your ship has to be manually adjusted, and re-adjusted every time you spawn that ship blueprint. It\'s far easier to just design your turrets around the default weapon power distribution.

      I\'m not really sure what the point of an \"Inverse\" turret is, either; if you\'re going to set up crossfires and difficult approach vectors, you might as well just use a normal turret so that you actually deal some damage if it hits.
    4. Sven_The_Slayer

      Aug 14, 2013
      I\'ve just been giving my turrets a rating based on the size of the box its designed to fit into,
    5. FlyingDebris

      FlyingDebris Vaygr loves my warhead bat.

      Sep 6, 2013
      We use insanely fast d1000 turrets for base and planetary defense. They act kind of like mass drivers from halo, and are able to neutralize large ships in a few shots, if not obliterate them entirely. Where would these go?
    6. EpicFailLord123

      Sep 7, 2013
      How do you make them so fast? I have a turret that looks like a tank turret with 2 barrels and an antimatter gun bolted on top. I designed them so weapons computers are right on the bottom near the ship so I could optimize it to 45 missile speed, 10 AOE, 5 damage, 10 range, and 30 missile reload.
    7. refirendum

      Aug 31, 2013
      that reminds me that i need to make a bunch of missle turrets to add to the 16 turrets i already have

      ~970 dmg per hit
      ~1800 m range
      ~63 reload
    8. Maniox

      Aug 3, 2013
      Missile turrets work?
    9. Sven_The_Slayer

      Aug 14, 2013
      SD-BB turrets and on ai ships still don\'t work, I guess the update just let AI use SD-KB... at least I have not seen any of my SD-BB turrets fire.

      I use a simple class system for my turrets based on the docking size they require, that way I know what fits where.
    10. MobiusAce

      Mar 28, 2014
      I usually just use either light, medium, or heavy turret classes.

      Light- Used for defending the interior of stations, as well as fighters.

      Medium- Used as short range defenses on anything corvette sized or above.

      Large- Used for exterior station defense, and long range defenses on large ships.

      Also, just in case...

      Long Range- Used for planetary defense, focuses on speed, range, and damage, with radius and reload being small.
    11. Keptick

      Keptick Overkill titan builder

      Sep 26, 2013
      I think it should be extended a bit. One of my turrets currently has 130k mass (it\'s bigger than a planet, I know). I\'d see it as a class 6 or 7.
    12. 22SAS_Wimp

      Oct 15, 2013
      At some point I plan to run a ship dealer on my own server that will also sell turrets.

      The ships I will be building will fall into 4 catagories: Transport; Industrial; Utility; Combat. These will also be divided by size - small, medium and large.

      I have spent the past few weeks building these following turrets and I\'m now on the last 2! (BTW, I will upload these turrets to this site\'s \"Ships\" gallery thingy on request, if you find building turrets too tedious, but be warned that even the largest of these are small in comparison to other people\'s as they are intended for use in a specific RPish \"universe\", thus might not be suitable for a dedicated PVP server.)

      I decided to refer to turrets and their docking points based on the docking area size. The smallest turret docking size on a ship is just the default 7x7x7 docking area allowed by the docking module, which I call a Class 1 Turret Mount, with each additional increase in docking area incrementing the class (+1 docking enhancer (9x9x9) = Class 2 Mount; +3 docking enhancers (11x9x11) = Class 3 Mount; +5 enhancers (13x9x13) = Class 4 Mount; +7 enhancers (15x9x15) = Class 5 Mount; +9 enhancers (17x9x17) = Class 6 Mount). The turrets that match these docking areas match the class, so a Class 3 Turret will fit into the area of a Class 3 Mount - with exception to the Class 0 turrets, which are smaller than a class 1 mount at only 5 blocks long and upto 5 wide & 5 tall.

      When I get to building the ships, the smallest ships (Shuttle (Transport), Collector (Industrial), Worker (Utility) and Fighter (Combat)) will only be built with Class 1 or Class 2 turret mounts, the medium sized ships (Yacht (Transport), Salvager (Industrial), Multi-Mission Ship (Utility) and Gunship (Combat)) will be given Class 3 and Class 4 turret mounts - along with some 1s and 2s - and the large sized ships (Starliner/Ferry (Transport), Mining Ship (Industrial), Starship (Utility) and Warship (Combat)) will get Class 5s and 6s - again, along with 1s through 4s.

      Each class of turret also has single, twin, tripple and quad barreled variants and most of those have a light, medium, heavy and very heavy version (and each of those is also being built in 5 colours: grey; black; white; brown; red).

      Fun fun. ¬.¬ lol