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    Timers, rail speed and sector unloading

    Discussion in 'Logic' started by Arcaner, Feb 6, 2018.

    1. Arcaner

      Oct 8, 2014
      Its hard to build long customizable timers because-

      -They require a lot of blocks.
      -Rails could have been used but we don't have the exact speed at which they rotate and move.
      -Sector unloading means the timer (regardless of type) would stop functioning.

      For the second, I would request all rails be made to go at 1m/s as default (or anything else, just give us the exact speed). Also, adjusting when the rail block gives a ON signal would be a great idea-only after the block is completely on the block should it give an ON signal.

      Also, does giving entities wireless signals stop sectors from unloading?
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    2. nightrune

      nightrune Wizard/Developer/Project Manager

      May 11, 2015
      Wireless only works on loaded entities. It will not keep other entities loaded.
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    3. Kraengis

      Kraengis stuff builder

      Jun 12, 2017
      I know it's not a relatively new thread but it can still help someone else.
      To make a relatively compact long timer, you can use a binary counter that increment each second with a 1-sec clock.

      For 5 hours you have 18000 seconds or 0100011001010000 in banary, so 15 bits (rounded to 16). When you reach that number you'll need some sort of identifier that will read that number and output a signal (something like a comparator with AND and NOT logic blocks).

      It should be possible to make it around 50-70 logic blocks I think