The Quickfire Initiative: Rebalancing StarMade.

    Dec 14, 2014
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    I will agree that chamber RC and stabilizer distance-penalty-removal were much needed improvements, as well as the end of the notorious "death-beam"...

    but new QF values are even more arbitrary then the original default values.
    New weight distribution is all over the place + power consumption and shield levels result in poor performance across the board.
    The new armor system is even more "abnoxious" than power 2.0 ever was (purple sausage included*).
    The already low player-base has clearly dwindled even more since the release of the QF-Config.
    I don't understand how anyone could consider such extreme changes "good for the game", it has not improved the game in any way.

    Edit: just for the record: I had no problems with the "purple space sausage" (as it was coined by others), it was cool, just needed some optimization and better colors :giggle:, (I'm just not a fan of purple* pink panthers are way cooler).
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