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    The Quickfire Initiative: Rebalancing StarMade.

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Quickfire Initiative, Jun 13, 2019.

    1. The Quickfire Initiative

      May 29, 2019

      Several months ago, following the rather troubled releases of the power and weapons updates, a group of long-time community members decided to unite in an effort to address StarMade v0.2's various shortcomings and rebalance the game.

      This effort became The Quickfire Initiative.

      A few months of testing and iteration (and numerous hiatuses due to real-world obligations or wait times for critical patches) later, we are releasing the Quickfire configuration pack version 0.1, the first public testing version of our configuration overhaul. It includes changes to all systems, including power & Chambers, thrusters, shielding, armor, and weaponry.



      The Quickfire config changes cover a broad spectrum of StarMade's systems, which have been determined to be broken or imbalanced in the vanilla game. The following is a short overview of the most important changes, with a more comprehensive document of all changes available via a link below.

      • Power:
        -Disabled stabilizer distance (for the time being).
        -Set maximum power from stabilization to 100%. (25% was pointlessly unintuitive)
      • Chambers:
        -Rebalanced chamber capacity requirements across the board (see document below)
        -Changed chamber size formula, to not force certain reactor sizes for optimal mass efficiency
      • Thrusters:
        -Nerfed thruster scaling overall. There should be more variance in ship maneuverability and top speeds now depending on ship size and design.
        -Made diminishing returns on thrust harsher (ships physically cannot reach maximum speed cap after a certain reactor size)
        -Increased TWR cap for max speed to 3.0
      • Armor:
        -Made armor lighter and more effective.
        -Made armor layering/stacking significantly more effective. (should make thick or slanted armor more viable)
      • Shields:
        -Buffed shields relative to weapons overall
        -Nerfed/adjusted Anti Low Damage chamber to only block actual low damage relative to shield capacity
        -Buffed Anti High Damage chamber, lowered threshold for "High Damage" to better protect against large hits.
      • Weapons:
        -Rebalanced weapons across the board
        -Removed cursor recoil on cannons
        -Helped to track down and resolve the infamous 'tunnelling' bug with cannon projectiles
        -Replaced the broken Doom Beam with a high-range pulse laser
        -Worked with Schine to fix missile guidance
        -Made missile capacity less restrictive
        -Adjusted bomb to hopefully be more usable (see document below)
      • Other:
        -Buffed Tractor Beam
        -Adjusted some chamber abilities, such as scanning and Thrust Burst.
      A more detailed changelog is available in this document.

      NOTE: Quickfire's config set makes no attempt to re-balance factories or other strictly survival gameplay-related mechanics. Those areas of the game are currently severely lacking in viable and functional mechanics to balance, and furthermore will receive significant changes as of the universe update.


      Our configs are available through our Github repository.

      Please note that the included server.cfg is important, as it includes our reference weapon range, missile target prediction, and AI settings, which are integral to the functionality of Quickfire as a whole. (just don't forget to set your own superadmin password, if your server makes use of that feature.)

      The Python scripts found in /data/config are our internal tools for editing and viewing the configs, and should you choose to use Quickfire's configs on your server, you do not need to copy them into your server installation.

      Also, a warning to anyone using our configs for their server: Quickfire's configs will not work with vanilla ships. Power costs and proportions of systems and weapons are very different from vanilla, and desirable armor configurations in vanilla (i.e. very little, if any) are potentially very different from what may work well in Quickfire. Some chamber setups will need changes as well. Using this config means a full refit of systems on any existing ships & stations.


      Quickfire Discord server can be found via this link.

      A test server running the Quickfire configuration set can be found at:


      All players have access to Creative Mode and limited administrator commands by default.


      Our ultimate aspiration is to create a configuration pack which the community - and perhaps even Schine - can adopt universally. However, this cannot happen without you. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or any other constructive feedback regarding our configs, feel free to post below, or join our Discord.

      The Quickfire team would like to offer our thanks to many members of the StarMade PvP community for their insights and feedback, and also to Schine staff for their cooperation in the resolution of several mechanical game issues, as well as for helping to set up the project. Special thanks also goes to Benevolent27 for lending us his expertise in wrapper automation from the great Light vs. Dark survival server.
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    2. Malum Phasma

      May 2, 2015
      Very interesting. I think I may like the direction this appears to be going.

      Hopefully a few things get "stabilized" and set. That is to say, deciding on a final setting of the distance and facing of the stabilizers. I would hate to start a large build just to have my power halved on an update, for example.

      But on the whole, I very much hope that the initiative continues developement. Nice work :giggle:
    3. Neon_42

      Sep 11, 2013
      This is very impressive. The only thing I'd like to see added at the moment is energy consumption of weapons increased as well as damage output. Maybe by a factor of 4-10? This would make weapons inherently smaller. As it is I think weapon systems take up too much space and look like tumors on ships. Though this is merely an aesthetic choice.
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    4. StormWing0

      StormWing0 Leads the Storm

      Jun 26, 2015
      OK keeping track of this. Does this also work in Single player as well? Just asking because it'd be nice to get a few ships and stations up to speed without being on a server. :)
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    5. SchnellBier

      Sep 10, 2014
      The number of weapon blocks required should already be lower than in vanilla.

      You should be able to install the config files on your singleplayer server.
    6. Ithirahad

      Ithirahad Arana'Aethi

      Nov 14, 2013
      Yep. You can just copy the configs into your local install's /StarMade/data/config folder.
      --- Updated post (merge), Jun 14, 2019 at 5:35 PM, Original Post Date: Jun 14, 2019 at 5:25 PM ---
      Aye, it's an aesthetic choice which has real gameplay repercussions. We've reduced the size of weapons a fair bit (partly by my request), but - as several more knowledgeable people had to point out to convince me - smaller weapons also have an effect on weapon resilience and other aspects of combat. There are limits to how far you can go with scaling up potency and power cost per block before it has odd consequences.

      With current Quickfire settings, weapons are already small enough that you should be able to avoid the 'giant tumor' look for turrets with some clever engineering.

      ...Come to think of it, if stabilizer distance (with the new BY_ANGLE mechanic) were reintroduced for a vanilla config, achievable weapon size vs. ship size would get even smaller... Even Star Trek-style ships with embedded beams might become semi-viable at that point :P
    7. EricBlank

      Jul 1, 2013
      Just how much has weapon firepower and consumption been increased?
      Sorry I can't test the configs out myself yet I'm at work. A lot of your changes do interest me, though.

      Have you considered changing the way turret rotation speed is calculated? Something I've wanted to do is to take not only overall mass into account but number of weapons blocks on the turret barrel, making more powerful turrets slower, and reducing rail enhancers effect to where they can only increase the current speed of a turret, but never return it to full rotation speed except if it was already quite fast. Say, maxed out rail enhancers effect can double the current rate, so if your turret is small enough to be moving at half speed, you can bring it back up to 100% speed. But a turret that has been reduced to 10% speed can only be raised to 20% speed.
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      Last edited: Jun 14, 2019 at 8:11 PM
    8. The Quickfire Initiative

      May 29, 2019
      StarMade's configs do not grant that level of control to users, unfortunately.
      Additionally, slower rotation of larger turrets would only create an incentive to use large numbers of smaller turrets.
    9. StormWing0

      StormWing0 Leads the Storm

      Jun 26, 2015
      I wonder is there a way in the rules or configs to make it so shields take the environmental damage first than everything else? o_O
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    10. Dire Venom

      Feb 27, 2014
      Would love that for Enviro specific shielding ^^^
      (For star mining and other such 'safe' activities!)

      Well done to op for keeping Star-made relevant, it's great to see dedicated players are still working to help it get where it needs to go.
    11. EricBlank

      Jul 1, 2013
      Yeah, I figured as much, but at the same time I wanted to limit the number of turrets to something reasonable, like 18 per craft max, because having too many entities or ai involved in a fight is it's own hurdle.