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    Jun 21, 2013
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    StarNet is a dead handy tool that still works to this day, and as I'd rather it not fade into irrelevance, I'm making this post to have an easy way to find the official links for it. NFD Build Server uses it almost daily, and it is a key part of how we operate.

    Arguments for the no gui version - starnet.jar [serverIP : port] [superAdminPass] [Command you want to run]

    You must have a super admin password set and enabled for this to work.

    StarNet with GUI (windows only)

    StarNet with GUI (Linux, Mac, Windows)

    StarNet without GUI (Linux, Mac, Windows)

    StarMade 0.09378: Fixes, shield balance & new admin tools
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    Jun 27, 2013
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    Care to explain what it is?
    From the release notes, linked in the OP:
    StarNet: remote lightweight admin tool

    With this tool (with or without GUI) it's possible to send starmade admin commands or chat (like the console commands) to any starmade server from anywhere. This system uses the Server super password (in server.cfg). You also have to switch the system on to be able to use the remote tool. (default is off, option in server.cfg)
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