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    Starmade Screen display Keeps Shrinking

    Discussion in 'Game Support' started by Livaria, Jul 13, 2016.

    1. Livaria

      Nov 30, 2014

      The black area is the unused window space where Starmade is supposed to be display.

      When Starmade starts up, it runs normally for a few seconds. But soon after, the interface gets downsized to an unusable resolution. Changing resolution, or switching to full screen mode, does not fix the issue. Starmade will also crash often when this happens.
    2. SmilingDemon

      Jul 17, 2013
      please upload a log.txt.0 file of one of those occurences here ( just remove the .0 part and drag and drop it into a post)
      and add your settings.cfg and graphcisinfo.txt files
      what CPU, GPU and Ramsize are you using and what OS is installed ?
      are you using the new or the old launcher to start the game ?