StarMade players and their interests!

    Jan 2, 2016
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    Just trying to get a collective sense of what StarMade players like - maybe get a common denominator of the kind of people we are, what we like to do, which probably contributed us to playing this game.

    I'll start off with myself:
    Like to tinker with PC's
    never played minecraft
    played civilization games since CIV1 (two 3.14 inch floppy disks)
    Drew 1 meter to 1 pixel scale building diagrams for skyscraperpage (was on skyscrapercity forums)
    Participate in Citizen Science projects on Zooniverse (PlanetHunters, SETI LIVE, Galaxy Zoo, etc)
    Fold It
    Participated in Distributed Computing Projects mostly via BOINC
    Love Space, Current Space related development & exploration
    Science Fiction: TV series, Books

    I'm sure we'll get a variety, but we should get overlapping areas of interest too.

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    Hell, I'm gonna chip in myself.

    Used to love tinkering with PCs. Now I'm not following hardware trends due to lack of money to buy the newest anyway.
    Played the living crap out of Minecraft, and half a dozen modpacks for it.
    Played RTS games like the Command&Conquer franchise, Homeworld 1-2, Haegemonia, Sins of a Solar Empire, space games like FTL, Empyrion, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet, and the X series, and the MechWarrior series.
    Also played RPGs both on computer and tabletop. Still a fan of Dungeons&Dragons.
    I'm a huge space nerd who dug deep into rocket science and loves both Firely, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 (and ofc now The Expanse too)
    Tried my luck with computer science, got rekt by the math, went to get a BA in psychology instead (it has no math)
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    Feb 11, 2017
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    I'm an apple eater.
    I'm learning how to code programs.
    Kinda play minecraft from time to time, but focused on Starmade more because of Logic.
    Also have played Civ games for a while now.
    I competitively game sometimes.
    Absolutely love space, I hope that when I die I could get my body sent out on a rocket instead of being buried.
    Favorite TV shows: Doctor Who, Samurai Jack.
    Halo sparked my Sci-Fi interest.
    May 26, 2013
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    24 year old aussie beard.
    I play games and work in digital media (mostly)
    I'm interested in computers, music, gaming, video editing, more music and food.
    Don't really watch TV anymore - however was a huge fan of Star Trek Voyager and Star Wars.
    I used to play Minecraft - still do from time to time.
    Discovered starmade after searching 'voxel space minecraft' on IndieDB
    Starmade beat out Scrumbleship and Blockade Runner.
    I build RP based ships awkwardly with no planning or forethought.
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    Nov 29, 2013
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    professional studio and session musician (there is a difference)
    plays guitar and bass in various bands and manages to find enough time to build things in starmaade
    I used to play minecraft, found it boring after building a UNSC frigate, twice.
    discovered starmade when I typed in "minecraft buts its space without mods and has ships and that" was not disappointed
    I build RP ships as if they were RP ships and PVP ships as if they were RP ships
    I also build RP stations as if they were RP ships and I build PVP stations if I actually got around to building one.
    WH40K nerd
    Much of what I do in SM is inspired slightly from 40k as you can tell with my titan
    I like to read the black library books when not writing or building in SM
    RE, REEEEEEEEE, and RedEagle originated from me playing a game of 40k with dark eldar allies
    I consider myself good at games such as BFGA and DoW, and various other strategy games
    lives with 3 others, Sarhra, Chloe, and Chloe. Sarhra plays starmade from time to time.
    I also enjoy "shitposting"

    I spent 20 minutes typing this, I don't know why.
    Sep 5, 2013
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    My career has largely been in engineering and drafting. I've always enjoyed drawing and painting as a hobby. I've enjoyed tabletop RPG's stretching back into the early 80's. I've been playing PC games for just as long, RPG's, flight sims, FPS, and Civ-style. Among my favorites have been the Elder Scrolls series and Chris Roberts's games (WC1 through Freelancer.)

    I resisted MineCraft for a long time because of both the graphics and the perception that it was a kid's game. Listening to my friends constantly talk about it, however, finally sucked me in. They played the game heavily modded, and it tapped into all of the creative pursuits I listed above. Along with toying with architecture, we had mods that provided some pretty deep redstone logic, which gave me a good starting foundation for StarMade logic. One of my annoyances with MineCraft was that nothing moved - you could build the coolest looking ship, but it wasn't going anywhere. There was a mod called "Archimedes Ships" that let you do so, but it was mostly cosmetic. Along came StarMade, and it did everything I wanted in that regard. I still bounce back and forth between the two games fairly regularly.

    I've never been big on PvP, but have always enjoyed co-op titles instead. PvP really requires the players to be near the same skill level to be enjoyable, otherwise it's just one player routinely pounding the other(s) into the dirt. Only one person can have fun in that situation, and even that won't last long. I do enjoy co-op PvP games like World of Tanks/Warships, however, where you get a wide variety of skill levels and players have an opportunity to learn and improve without as much pain.
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    Nov 14, 2013
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    Learning programming at the moment.
    Play tons and tons of KSP, StarMade, and a bit of Stellaris.
    Came from a 'background' game-wise of playing a lot of MMOs, got frustrated with the lack of player agency in the world/universe (though some upcoming and existing MMOs fix this to some extent) and also got frustrated with the lack of creative outlets (this will take longer to fix in the genre, if it ever happens at all). Still play MMOs sometimes.
    In StarMade, I've played quite a bit of co-op survival on servers, but probably have spent far more time building at this point.
    I mostly build Aethi ships, a style initially inspired by ST: Enterprise's Vulcan vessels, but evolved to be very different.
    When empire-building features become more functional, that will likely be my main focus.
    Mar 22, 2016
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    I am a benevolent omniscient asexual thought entity.
    My repertoire includes, but is not limited to the entire Halo series, Mass Effect series, DOW series, StarFox series, CIV series, TW, series, AOE series, SOSE series, all official SW games with the exception of SWBF3, Star Trek Legacy, Star Trek Armada, Advent Rising, Minecraft, Space Marine, the entire Dead Space series. I enjoy any Sci-fi, RTS, FPS, TBS, or Survival based game, I also have limited experience with D&D and WOW. My first game console was the N64 which I still own and play on occasion.

    I play StarMade mostly as a challenge to myself, I am very pleased with the mechanics of the games logic system and enjoy experimenting with it. I value aesthetics over performance when building ships and usually design weapons individually (usually a turret or weapons platform) simply for the challenge and experience of doing so rather than for PVP purposes. As of now I am awaiting the day StarMades AI is improved as to provide greater challenge, and am awaiting Schines realization that the size of a weapon and its damage output have no correlation in Sci-fi so that the discontinuity between PVP and RP ships can be resolved.

    madman Captain

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    Jan 11, 2015
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    I'm carpenter working on Construction sites,
    I love RTS games like Supreme Commander, C&C, DoW 1 and DoW 3(really, I like it), Star Wars EaW.
    I also play Coop shooter like Pay Day or Warframe and Space Sim Games like the X Games
    I play Fractured Space as MOBA.
    I play StarMade completly creative for everything else i have better alternatives.
    My Buildstyle is industrial inspired (Scafholds, Pipes, exposed maschinery and fuel/ressource tanks, mostly crude simple Armor plating and tank/warship styled Turrets), but I suck in interior design/floorplaning and general small things, even my "details" are often oversized.
    I'm completly Heavy Metal opsessed.
    I have light autism (Asperger Syndrome).
    My favorite Sci-Fi franchise is Warhammer 40K, have a lot of books and games and four Tabletop Armies (Astra Militarum,
    Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii, Spacewolf, Chaos Space Marines) and a Imperial Knight.

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    I've been stuck with a laptop that wont let me play skyrim or anything new for four years about. It's not a hardware issue, everything worked wonderfully before updating to windows 10, but now half my steam library games wont work for more than ten minutes.
    I have no internet or normal electricity (only from a gasoline generator) at home ("homesteading" aka living off the grid and having no money)
    Starmade runs great where lots of other things just CTD in the middle of the game with no explanation and no errorlogs, and works offline for a couple hours before draining the battery.
    Always loved starwars, sci-fi and space opera media in general, loved supreme commander (when I could play it), Halo and EVE online.
    Battletech. Mechwarrior, Mechassault, whatever.
    Legos are love, legos are life. But legos are finite resources, unlike pixels.
    Sandbox games are the best thing ever, I love interacting with a world that creates itself and then lets me reshape it.
    Dwarf Fortress is fun in that way. So is Minecraft. So is Starmade.
    Not big into competitive games, but friendly competition is nice sometimes.
    I like to invent new worlds and cultures and scenarios in my head, tried writing about them sometimes. The Legion of Free Worlds, my faction, and a lot of its vehicles and equipment, is one of these things.
    I am probably autistic as fuck and my father seems to agree, but havent been formally diagnosed.
    Very addicted to all forms of science, especially astronomy and geology.
    Mar 10, 2016
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    Just trying to get a collective sense of what StarMade players like - maybe get a common denominator of the kind of people we are, what we like to do, which probably contributed us to playing this game.

    Hey, Vvolodymyr , I like this thread, I remember getting a few likes from you on my uploads, thanks! (y)
    Here are a few things about me, sorry if it turned out a little too lengthy, it's just that I rarely do this.

    Personal stuff:
    (removed - said too much)

    • My favorite cartoons used to be Samurai Jack and Duck Dodgers (hence the profile picture).
    • I fell in love with Sci-Fi at around age 10 - major influences were a few movies like the Alien, Star Wars and Matrix series.
    • I always had some "instinctual" curiosity for science and the arts, and my top interests as of today are physics, astronomy, biology, engineering, psychology and philosophy.
    • Some past nerdy achievements of mine include a 4-cylinder piston engine made from Lego Technic parts, a realistic grandfather clock with a fully animated clockwork mechanism made in Google SketchUp, I also messed around with trying to design my own calculator circuits on paper, etc.
    • I never was a big gamer, never tried Minecraft, and I found StarMade by searching "space engineering games".
    • My main interests in StarMade are art- and engineering-related: pretty stuff, roleplay stuff, logic stuff, rail stuff and clever systems design.
    • My favorite building style is probably that of Tshara, and as for my own style, you can check that at my shipyard ;)
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    Jul 23, 2015
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    Just trying to get a collective sense of what StarMade players like - maybe get a common denominator of the kind of people we are, what we like to do, which probably contributed us to playing this game.
    I love scifi, W40k especially, ive literally read the books that i have so much theyve fallen apart.
    I have put hundreds of hours into minecraft, but havent played it since i found this game.
    Ive played with legos since i was three.
    I love taking my truck apart and putting it back together, yes i was a raised on a farm, I love my horse and my dog.
    I enjoy(okay, obviously its far more than that) playing video games, by myself, im an incredible loner and would do just about anything to avoid having to play a game with anyone other than my family, or close friends.
    i build things however im feeling like building, and nothing turns out looking like the artwork that im looking at when i do.
    Im waiting for a strategy game to come out that captures the fun and joy that i had playing CFW, O.R.B and CIV III, so far i am disappoint.

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    Mar 3, 2015
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    In high school I used to build computers out of parts I found in dumpsters. This was 10 years ago, when minimum wage was still $5, and I was really wanting a hobby that didn't involve hard drugs.

    I spent 4 years in the u.s. army where I repaired radios. Spent a year in Afghanistan where I repaired more radios. Also, halfway through the deployment, we found out the sand lot we built our base onto was also an old Soviet minefield. Fun times.

    I love sci fi in general. And WWI & II naval history. Sci fi Shows/movies I enjoy: star trek (TOS thru ds9, and even nu trek) star wars, the bsg reboot miniseries (the actual show was too much talking and moping and feelings, and not enough robot murder) red dwarf, firefly, futurama, blade runner and farscape. Haven't seen the expanse, will need to rent it. Don't have cable.

    Favorite games: mechwarrior 2 through #4:mercs. (favorite mechs are the warhammer, Orion, and atlas) Mwo is too basic for me, even though it is pretty. I also like star trek: bridge commmander, AND the Starfleet command series. I like the dark forces games, dark forces 3: Jedi knight 2: Jedi outcast being my favorite. Used to like halo, but I think oversaturatiom has caused the field in which I grow my fucks to become barren. I like mass effect, but I can't play the new one. I love fallout, as a series. I would love fallout as a woman. I would even love fallout as a man, if it meant I could once again V.A.T.S. someone in "the eyes" or "groin" again instead of merely the head or torso.

    I used to be a fairly religious firearms enthusiast, but due to finances had to give that up. I managed to keep my hunting rifle and .357 revolver though...

    I have 2 kids. When they are old enough, I'm gonna get em hooked onto all this stuff too!
    Jan 27, 2016
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    I'm 35 year old and my wife and I live in Iowa with an adorably crazy burmeses miniature giant house panther. Currently I'm working 2nd shift which has left me a lot of time with not a lot to do as everyone I know is asleep by the time I get off.

    I love sci fi, mostly of the hard and/or militant flavor but I still have a fondness for Star Wars and Star Trek, and I call Warhammer 40k my favorite dark fantasy setting :-p. I used to build lego star trek ships with complete interiors when I was a kid, and knew I absolutely NEEDED TO PLAY THIS GAME when I first ran across a Starmade video on youtube 3 years ago.

    I used to play a lot of RPG, RTS, and FPS games when I was younger, but recently I tend to stick to building games and some independent titles. AAA titles just don't interest me anymore with the exception of the new Mass Effect game.

    For non video game interests, I listen to a ton of podcasts at work, I started drawing again, watch a ton of anime, the wife and I want to start biking more this summer, and we want take some weekend trips to some of the parks around the state.

    I also do a little gunsmithing here and there as friends need some work done on their firearms. I dumped a ridiculous amount of money going to a trade school and came out with an Associate of Applied Science: Gunsmithing degree, only to find out after I graduated that it's extremely difficult to even find jobs, let alone get one, and the ones out there don't pay jack. Someday I may have a side business, but that's a long way off. :cry:

    Like Brokengauge, I used to really big into firearms and even started attending some low level competitions, but that's not something I can justify spending money on right now.

    Oh yeah, if anyone is down for a cooperative Earth Defense Force (Starblazers/Space Battleship Yamato) build on the cake build server, hit me up!
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    May 22, 2015
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    16 years old from the Netherlands :D
    started really gaming when i was 12, did some before that but not much.
    played games as: Civ5(brave new world) robocraft, then found starmade and fell in love with space.. now also play planetside2.
    love sci-fi, google a lot of it when i have free time
    also hobby's idk: playing guitar, cycling, gaming and drawing.