Starmade insists to update intel drivers despite not using an Intel card

    Mar 26, 2020
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    Essentially the title text- Starmade insists that my Intel drivers are out of date despite both A. Using an Nvidia GeForce GTX not an Intel card (IIRC nvidia isn't Intel) and B. Literally buying this brand-new computer 4 days ago.
    Am I missing something with the way my computer's setup (Am I actually using Intel instead or something) or is Starmade just throwing a hissy fit?
    Many thanks for any assistance provided.


    Eldrich Timelord
    Jan 16, 2014
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    My friend had an issue on his ROG laptop where starmade would use the integrated intel graphics on the CPU instead of the GPU. Something about hybrid graphics and power saving features of the laptop, so I can see it being in place on some OEM desktops too.

    We did a week or so of diagnostics and research to fix it, but that was long enough ago that I can't point you to specifics...

    I DO remember there was some option in the NVIDIA control panel related to power saving that let us force the GPU into "always on" state that fixed the problem with starmade and java in general. Perhaps you can find that option.

    Edit: If you DO find that option, and it is a fix, it would be nice of you to post screenshots for anyone else that runs into that wall.