StarMade - Home World (Australian Server)

    Nov 3, 2015
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    Hi all. I run a small (read: mostly empty [2-3 players]) private dedicated game server with several games running. Up to now, the server was just for me and a couple of mates to play on, but I've just discovered StarMade and I think this game needs a large population to properly take advantage of the Faction system, so I'd like to invite everyone. No really, everyone.

    I'm looking for players who want to be part of a large-ish server and are willing to tough out the quiet times to help encourage others to stay. In my time running game servers I notice that people tend to log in, see a low pop, and log straight out again. This is usually quite frustrating to watch because when you run the numbers, you might have 10-20 new people come through the server a day, and if they had stayed a while, they'd find the population growing in no time. Anywho, if you're looking to be part of a fledgling server, you'll need to have a little patience we us as the server pop grows.

    • A blank slate - The server is brand-spanking new. Still has the shiny plastic film on it.
    • 24/7 Uptime - The server is always up, except for restarts and updates.
    • Negotiable server settings - I've never run a StarMade server before, so the settings are mostly default at the moment, but I'm open to suggestions from players as to what settings should be used.
    • No-Whitelist (yet), full-pvp experience - Back in my Minecraft days I used to like servers that offered lots protection against griefers. The trouble is, such servers get safe and boring very quickly. I'd like this server to be dangerous to be on, or at least the potential for danger. Having said that, genuine grief is not acceptable; i.e. if you grief the same player over and over again, smashing up their base when they're trying to get started, you might find yourself banned. If genuine grief proves to be too big an issue, a whitelist will be used.
    • We're Australian based (Perth) - Great for any Aussie players who don't want large pings.
    • Low-Population - We currently have 1, maybe 2 players. Like I said, the server is brand spanking new.
    • We're Australian based (Perth) - Not so great for any non-Aussie players who don't want large pings.

    There are only 2 rules.
    1. Don't be a dick.
    2. See rule 1.

    The End
    So, if you're interested, just log in and play. Bring your mates.

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