new server

    1. drexler2299

      New server! WolfPack clan server 2

      Hello, This is a public friendly server, role play friendly, pvp, pve, custom pirates, public discord "Yo boi I just made this dope server come check it out" Link to the discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
    2. LegendofGore

      New Star Wars Themed Pvp/RP Server

      The Star Wars Server I would like to formally introduce to you a brand new server for the Starmade community. This server, like the title Intel's is a Star Wars themed server. And will be based around all eras of the star wars universe. Here we will attempt to accomindate...
    3. S

      New server 100slot big specs no lag hosted

      hi just set up a new server 100 slot server name: lifeinspacerp im the only admin server ip be nice to fill it up lol
    4. SharpSkarf

      SystemHack Starmade Server

      SystemHack is a mostly vanilla server hosted in Global Switch 1, London. Check out our website for server information, rules, donation rewards and more: SystemHack StarMade Server ip: We also have a Discord server: Discord
    5. Textra

      StarMade - Home World (Australian Server)

      Hi all. I run a small (read: mostly empty [2-3 players]) private dedicated game server with several games running. Up to now, the server was just for me and a couple of mates to play on, but I've just discovered StarMade and I think this game needs a large population to properly take advantage...
    6. dragoons176

      New server looking for players, 24/7 PVP, PVE, AI, Local blueprints

      I'm running a relatively new server that will do its upmost to avoid world wipes and hopefully will one day have a rich community. If you are interested in joining the ip is If you are interested in a long term experience then please give us a try at Malevolent Void (the...