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    StarMade Australia New Dedi-Server Up

    Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by RabidBat, Jun 23, 2017.

    1. RabidBat

      Jan 16, 2015
      Hi all, we've finally got our new dedicated server up and running and it is now open to the public.

      No other games hosted so all hardware is committed purely to StarMade for an incredibly smooth and stable SM gaming experience. (y)

      Server is located in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
      Currently 2x E5640 CPU's and 12GB of memory allocated.
      New Universe.
      No more virtual server nonsense. :^D

      Custom stations with more being added (all on current rail system, no floating turrets), large sectors (22km wide), modified faction point system that encourages owning systems, community events and more, with more to come.

      Build limits have been increased:
      Ship block limit increased to 2 million
      Station block limit increased to 3 million.

      Active moderation and a welcoming and friendly community.

      If you're in the Australasia region come check us out for some low ping SM action. If not, still come check us out!
      Everyone's welcome. :)
      Look for us in the server list.

      For more information visit starmadeaustralia.com or join us on Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

      The old server is still up but will be retired soon.
      If you have any ships or stations we recommend making sure to save a blueprint of them them locally (e.g on your computer) ASAP to ensure they're not lost.

      It's been renamed "StarMade Australia Old" to make it clear it's the old crappy one. ;)
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    2. Equilibrium21

      Jun 23, 2013
      Congratulations on your new upgraded server!
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    3. Calhoun

      Calhoun Part-time God

      May 26, 2015
      I'm sorry, what? I can't recall any i5 processor that is capable of operating paired.
    4. RabidBat

      Jan 16, 2015
      My bad, it was late and I had a brain fart moment. Thanks for pointing it out.