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    Ship Core Exit Point

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 22SAS_Wimp, Mar 17, 2014.

    1. ltmauve

      Aug 28, 2013
      Also, could we not get shoved into the hull of our ships while exiting docked turrets? It\'s really annoying.
    2. 22SAS_Wimp

      Oct 15, 2013
      So... I\'ve just built a very small ship where the ship core is in the floor, in the block above and behind is a wedge to simulate a cockpit seat and in the block above and forward is a \"cockpit\" block to simulate the ship\'s control screen. I purposely built the cockpit of the ship 3 blocks high because, after testing, it seemed that I always got out of the ship core in the free space on top of the cockpit block & wedge (thus leave 1 block beneith me between my feet and the core). During building, I must have got out of the ship core more than a dozen times to make a trip to a plexstorage block and back (to get stuff), and again, each and every time I got out I exited above the cockpit block & wedge and still inside the ship.

      HOWEVER... this all changed the moment I moved the ship. I soon as I tested out it\'s acceleration, even when parked \"alligned\", the game deposites me below the ship whenever I exit the core. Despite no blocks on the ship changing, I no longer exit the core in the same place I was during building, just because I moved the ship.

      The most annoying thing about it is the ship is complete and it\'s size & shape was built around the mechanic that I would get out on top of the cockpit and wedge blocks above the core. Now that that\'s stopped being the case, I might have to start again.


      Hmmm... that\'s interesting. I removed some glass wedges from the inside of the cockpit window and now I get out where I was before. Funny that those glass wedges weren\'t considered by the game as in the way until I moved the ship. How bizare!