RTS Tactical Overview (like Homeworld) with Fleet Block

    Would you like to see this idea developed in Starmade ?

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    Aug 16, 2013
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    Right now managing our fleet in Starmade is a bit weird and we usually hope for a better IA in the future that will fix everything, but today I will suggest a new view to manage our fleet that should help or at least look cool.

    Basic idea:
    In Homeworld you can press Spacebar to switch between normal RTS view and really zoomed out view that show clearly where are your ships, the enemy that you can detect, asteroids, etc... in 3D. (It is called sensors manager ingame)
    It looks like that:

    And you can fully rotate in 3D, move using arrow or AWSD, and of course use your mouse to select ships and order them to move attack collect or anything !
    I think the absence of menue interaction should make the game more fun and natural.
    Also this view would be super efficient and could even replace the small mini map/radar thing we curently have.
    A lot of Starmade player love the idea to pilot a mothership so this should help the player order to his fleet and come back to fight himself in no time.

    Advanced idea:
    It would look cool to have a Fleet Block in our ship that would display an hologram of this tactical overview.
    You can imagine being able to enter this view by entering into this block like when you enter into weapon block.
    You could be able to switch between galaxy view, system view, or sector view (however I have no idea what the size of a sector will be in the new universe update) to help manage your fleet and also naviguate when you don't have to fight.
    Maybe Schine could use the works he has done on the radar/mini map to implement this view more easily. (but a big work would probably be needed to make it possible to select ships inside this view)
    You could be able to connect your official scanner block with this fleet block to explain why you can see enemy ships and planets/asteroids.
    And also to connect your fleet block with computers to manage the colors of your ships and maybe the size of the symbols or the whole hologram.

    Captain Skwidz

    Jun 14, 2017
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    Sounds cool, but that block could be destroyed resulting in crippling the control of the fleet. On the other hand, that could make capital ships more useful while creating a target
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    Jan 5, 2016
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    Sounds cool, but that block could be destroyed resulting in crippling the control of the fleet. On the other hand, that could make capital ships more useful while creating a target
    N0ice! A command ship just like in EVE.. Nice idea, folks!
    Jul 1, 2013
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    Would be a very cool way to manage things indeed. I've been wanting something like this forever tbh
    Mar 30, 2018
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    Great idea, I’ve actually played homeworld and it would be very cool to be able to micromanage your ships in battle (micromanagement in Homeworld means that you control a part of your fleet, for example, a single frigate. To the extent where you’re almost controlling it directly), you could, for example, monitor your ships in real time and retreat some of them if they’re too damaged for other ships to repair them, or move a squadron in coordination to make them ovoid the fire of enemy ships.

    And the fleet block would make command corvettes and command modules possible, by the way, in Homeworld they increase the total firepower of nearby ships, that could be also a nice area effect or something
    That would be pretty cool to see it in StarMade indeed, but maybe there’s limits to where the code can go, but I hope that’s not a problem anyway.
    Dec 3, 2013
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    Love this idea.

    Like Celotown777 mentioned, I like the idea of using this to "Buff" the ships around you or under your ships command. AND, the effect system was said to be built to allow sector wide, and ship wide interactions. So, it would stand to reason having an effect that makes all ships in X fleet have a higher % damage for spacific weapons, or slightly higher max speed or something.

    This would also be really cool not only for people like me who enjoy drones, but for fleets with multiple players. Interesting tactical decisions can be made. Do you attack the command ship first or the ships guarding it? Does your command ships bonus negate the enemies bonus? Should you defend your command ship or let it attack at the front or maybe act as a decoy while the rest of the players escape the battle?

    This would be a fantastic addition to the game. Hope This suggestion gets serious consideration from the Dev's.
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