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    Power Update. Dev build presentation.

    Discussion in 'Game News' started by schema, Sep 10, 2017.

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    1. Zerefette

      Zerefette <|°_°|>

      Jan 12, 2015
      You can also not watch it. It's not like you're gonna need the information that day, also you can skip parts of the video, it's a feature of stream players.
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    2. Lecic

      Lecic Convicted Lancake Abuser

      Apr 14, 2013
      Why do you continue to defend Schine member's laziness? Last I checked the entire point of having a PR guy is to write your PR posts. I shouldn't have to spend half an hour hoping around a 2 hour stream to try and pick out the relevant information. Why do they even have PR guys if they aren't doing their jobs?

      Like I said earlier. They should do their jobs or give them to people who are actually capable of doing it.
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    3. Crusade

      May 26, 2013
      Instead of complaining about a regular occurrence on a news update thread, please make your own forum post.
      Unfortunately, because of the constant derailment, posts that are non constructive and negative behaviour shown here, I am going to lock this thread.
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