[My Logic-blocks v2 r1.1] : Different Block-Block Interactions


    Dec 31, 2013
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    [My Logic-blocks v2 r1.2] : Change function, keep data
    ↑↑ If you see a wall of text, it's just because I wrote it in more than one way to make everybody happy ↑↑​

    Did you ever want to just connect all area triggers without selecting each one? Or have a ship-wide synchronized clock?

    I found a possible solution:

    A Comparision-Block
    It can link ANY other block.

    If itself gets a true, it re-reads the number of those blocks active (only these which are not connected to something else).
    If itself gets a false, it re-reads the number of those blocks alive.
    (I guess these numbers are already calculated for mass and other stuff like blueprint cost. Correct me if I'm wrong)​
    [last read <= current read] => true|on|1, else false|off|0​
    It is as simple as counting [mass in <block type>] or having all not otherwise (output)connected LogicBlocks connected to this one.​

    This can also be used for easier damage detection.
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