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    Installing Starmade and getting it to run... (Windows 7)

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mjpatey, Sep 30, 2017.

    1. mjpatey

      Sep 30, 2017
      Hi, all-

      I'm not a very experienced gamer, just trying to get this game running on my system. I installed the Launcher (the "new version") and ran it. In the lower-right corner of the launcher is a big button saying "LAUNCH" initially, but it changes to "UPDATE". When I click it, it begins trying to download files (totaling around 500+MB), but never moves from 0%... nothing ever downloads.

      So I Googled around, and found a forum post explaining how to update manually if the launcher update process isn't working. Link to post:

      Starmade is a won't go past the update and install/news part

      The instructions were a little nebulous for me, so I tried every combination of interpretations I could come up with... but still the same result.

      Can someone explain what the final directory structure should look like? Should the entire contents of the Launcher's folder (including the Launcher executable) get pasted into the folder that the build is located in? I know that's not the answer because I tried it twice and it failed... but you get the idea. What's the correct structure?

      Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!

    2. Antikristianos

      Dec 9, 2015
      could be multiple different reasons why the launcher does not download anything.
      #1: Directrories "C:\Program Files (x86)" and "C:\Program Files" are protected folders you should not install starmade in any of these.
      #2: your firewall may block the launcher.

      you can put the launcher anywhere on your pc but you have to set the path where the game should be installed to:
      and Do NOT use the same folder for the launcher and the game! this may couse problems
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    3. DukeofRealms

      DukeofRealms Count Duku

      Sep 4, 2013
      If you're willing to use Steam, you can simply download the game through that.

      If you haven't purchased the game yet, you can use the demo version (which is also the full version throughout alpha):

      Otherwise, you'll have to download the game files manually here: Index of /build/ . Scroll to the bottom of the page to get the latest build, which as of this post is starmade-build_20170826_140955.zip .

      Once downloaded, you can extract the contents into a folder anywhere you wish (as long as it's not protected as Antikristianos has mentioned). Now all you have to do is open the launcher, and set the path to the folder where you extracted the zip contents to, as instructed in the above post.
    4. StormWing0

      StormWing0 Leads the Storm

      Jun 26, 2015
      Ya there's people like me that look at steam like it's the bane of all existence due to the effects it can sometimes have on computers. >.>