How much of each do you produce from mining mostly?

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    1. NeonSturm

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      Dec 31, 2013
      How many shield or hull/advanced-armor blocks do you get in a hour or 10 on every server?

      What are the most common settings?

      Which ship sizes can you build from these ressources?

      I am assuming, that you already build or got a good mining ship from someone else.
      Not exactly a perfect one for this job nor that server nor min-maxed to the non-plus-ultra.

      So basically, a miner which can eat an asteroid (manually or automatically after pressing a single button) in about 40% the time required to find that asteroid.

      It may have decent thrust to stop and a few defense turrets (so not completely), but 50% of it's mass and ressource cost is core to the task. It can have cargo-pods from which a few are interchangeable with turrets in more hostile territories, but it shouldn't be a combat-build, but a miner.​

      Finally, can someone link a standard-package in which some standard ships are included?
      They may be about 80% efficiency (so that core-players improve on or design their own), but it should have ships for every task.
      1. Early mining, shuttles with essentials (med bay, etc), a small transport
      2. eventually-medium and for sure a large transport and miner
      3. ships you can gift to stranded players
      4. an escord ship against PvE, good to mass-produce
      5. one bigger battleship to defend your home (doesn't need to look great, just decent)
      6. one huge warship for faction warfare. Does not need 100% perfection, but kill 4 lone battleships.
      7. a flagship with everything players need (can be bigger than neccessary)
      8. a personal flagship, can be a bit smaller but should provide a basic player's needs.
      9. maybe elite-squad of escorts, captain's shuttle, a small elite-miner and elite-transport for flagship
      10. Cargo pods and escape ships used by above.
      11. Home, Gate and Outpost stations with small-ship shipyards and small factories / storage only.
        Outpost is personal, home for faction or core-players on that server.
      For these, you can reuse shine's official builds (for trading guild), slightly modified for player-appearance.
      I don't ask for much more in this bundle.

      But for combat, mining and shuttles, there should be an elite version.
      Not as good as a min-maxed or individualized version, but decent enough so that you can focus on what you really want to build before optimizing them.

      Final Question: How long do you need to grind for these, using intended mechanics, miners provided in this bundle and to get at least everything in reasonable ammounts?
      1. Player flagship
      2. Player Battleships
      3. Maybe 1-2 escorts for medium and 3-6 for larger ships.
      4. 10 times as much in economy (other ships and stations) ressource-wise

        How long do you need to grind extra so that your faction gets faction-ships and their home?

        Elite ships not included (they are upgrades for core-players).
    2. NuclearHolocaust

      Sep 1, 2013
      So jou want to have/create a basic ship/harware package(which is in an affordable scale) for beginners and more lazy or less creative players?
      My miners are absolutely overpowered so i cant give you useful data for mining. Stripping asteroids in seconds is not normal for beginners i assume(even if it does not take long to reach that, depeding on asteroid size), the last new game/character i started was years ago.
    3. NeonSturm

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      Dec 31, 2013
      NuclearHolocaustNuclearHolocaust Yes.

      And yes, you can strip asteroids in a sec.
      But why would you want that if it creates server lag spikes for everyone, when you need to travel from asteroid to asteroid for 2 minutes (average) anyway? When you travel 2 minutes, I plan maybe 40 seconds -1/3- as mining time for my optimal miner.
      Everything above is luxus and depends on admin permission for a potential lag-spiker.

      Yes, for beginners. But no, the peoples are not lazy / less creative.
      Its more for having a ... standard / comparision / measurement-tool.

      I am really interested in how long it takes to get that and how big it would be on most servers.