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    Hey guys if your not busy i got some new ideas

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by djthekiller, Apr 17, 2017.

    1. djthekiller

      Jun 17, 2015
      Hey guys recently i had my birthday and i was eyeing a game that one of the users in chat mentioned: From the Depths. I took a look at it and it appealed to me. But as i got into it i noticed some similarities and some totally not similar things. one thing i found that was not similar was the customization of weapons. and also some weapon choices. the first thing i looked at of course was their missle system. missles were only as powerful as the warheads you put on them.
      2017-04-16_20 46 18.png
      The blocks in white are the missle system it is composed of potentially 4 basic blocks:
      Controller/computer, connectors, launchpads, and gantrys. you interact with the missles to set what kind of missle you want: 2017-04-16_20 51 25.png
      There are more options though: Missle ejectors, friend or foe addon, staggered fire addon:
      2017-04-16_20 55 38.png
      2017-04-16_20 55 44.jpg
      2017-04-16_20 55 42.jpg
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      you can create harpoons, flares, (torpedoes-only in gravity underwater maybe) fragmentation missles, and more
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    2. KaRe

      Feb 11, 2017
      Has been suggested before, somewhat: Weapon/Fleet/Ship Subsystems AI and Random Ideas

      Also, it's unlikely that the devs would directly use mechanics from another game, and instead make their own unique version or completely new ones. Instead of direct copying, try to change parts of it to be unique enough and don't mention the original game at all.
    3. jayman38

      jayman38 Precentor-Primus, pro-tempore

      Jul 13, 2014
      What you are describing is in Starmade as "torpedoes", not the missile weapon system.

      So, effectively, we have a lot of what you are asking for already. (Missiles built from parts.)

      This suggestion might be changed to have "warhead" modifiers for slaved effect systems. That would be rather cool.

      I like the idea of some sort of "sticky" block (probably a magnet grapple, which has been thrown around as a possible additional block for a while.)
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    4. djthekiller

      Jun 17, 2015
      yah i was just throwin this idea out there to see what you guys came up with and maybe using that as the actual suggestion, but i wanted to see what you guys came up with. see if a system similar to this would be helpful and fun to play with. as it would work wonderfully with an ammo system. Another thing i think that is a major constraint with starmade today is that there is a pattern for everything, like just filling up the interior spaces of a ship with power and missles= your good. but i wanted to help shape this into a system where there isn't just a single cut and dry solution to every problem, say your pirating ships, you have a large bay you want to tractor them into then force them to stay, thats what a harpoon like block would be useful for, and then like if you had a torpedo bomber, the missles would be useful there,
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      another thing is that swarm missles should not target friendly ships just wanna point that out as it happens all to often when a fleet mothership happens to launch the swarms missles while the fleet is undocked
    5. kulbolen

      Jan 4, 2015
      we have tractor beams, we have pulse and beam missiles, and we have torpedoes.

      if there was a best way to do everything, all top tier pvp ships would look and function the same.

      new ideas can be good, but they should add something.
    6. djthekiller

      Jun 17, 2015
      i just want to be able to customize my ship without having to worry about will it utterly be op if i have a 1:1 ratio rather than yes attach this to your ship and its op