Factory and Display module integration

    Oct 8, 2014
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    Right now, the only way to change what a basic/standard/advanced factory produces is to manually change the setting in the UI. The same is true for what blocks it has to pull in a pull tick, how many of each it has to pull, and how many total blocks its pull should not exceed.

    It would be great if there was some way to automate this, so instead of having to build a large number of factories for every single block that you want to produce, players could have a single factory and use a logic circuit to change what it produces automatically. This would not eliminate the need for multiple factories because you'd still need them if you wanted to produce different things in parallel.

    I feel the simplest way to integrate logic with the factory system is by using display modules.

    So you would have to slave four display modules to a factory block- one each to specify blockID/blockName to pull, how many to pull per tick, pulling cap and blockID/blockName to produce.

    You'd specify it something like-
    Display1 text-<pull_id>66
    Display2 text-<pull_amount>10
    Display3 text-<pull_cap>1000
    Display4 text-<produce_id>1008

    Slaving multiple displays with <pull_id> would do the obvious- tell the factory to pull all of those items. I'm yet to figure out a way to specify how many of each block, and suggestions are welcomed.

    The <> tags would be non editable, meaning copying over a display with 1009 to a display with <produce_id>66 would change it to <produce_id>1009. This is so that players can hook up the same display (with blockID/blockName) to multiple displays to specify both pull and produce.

    I am not suggesting the removal of the menu, just an additional automation-friendly method to specify things.

    This would make factories much more customizable, allow for some crazy automation and save players a lot of pain.
    Jul 4, 2013
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    i would rather just be able to "set" the factories with logic IE an activation block next to factory but NOT connected and the activation block connected to the factory you want to manipulate so when the activation block is "activated" it will copy all the settings from the factory next to it to the one that is connected to