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    Drones skipping logic circuits

    Discussion in 'Logic' started by MoricaStarwind, May 26, 2019.

    1. MoricaStarwind

      Mar 12, 2019
      Ok, so I'm trying to get my drones to use the magnetic pickups so that they trigger the docking logic. Problem is they will sometimes skip the magnetic docking and go right for what ever rail is available as if to flip me the bird. XD

      Anyway, how do I force them to use the magnetic pickups?
    2. kikaha

      Jul 10, 2013
      place a wall in front of them ? (you can remove the wall with the logic triggered by the drone when it docks...)
    3. MrGrey1

      Feb 10, 2017
      Some screenshots would help? When you say 'magnetic pickups' I'm assuming you mean the 'Pickup Point' rail and you're not talking about proximity docking which is a bit funky?
      Some things I've picked up messing around a lot with drones.
      • The pulse from a rail activated by a drone can often be an instant pulse rather then a full pulse which can be problematic if you're not looking for it. A pulse extender can usually mitigate this.
      • You should avoid linking any rails on a corner or right angle to logic as the corner rail doesn't register when the drone passes by. (I assume the docker can only be connected to one rail at a time so the rail in the corner gets skipped.)
      • If you increased the speed of your rails, try dropping the rail with the logic link out of the speed controller pool, so the drone slows down to normal speed when on the rail linked to logic.
      • Be wary of linking the first rail or two after a Pickup Point as the momentary lag caused by the pickup can often mean the rail doesn't register. Extending the Pickup Point a few rails is always an option if space is an issue and you must have a logic link right at the pickup location.
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