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    Bottleneck issues and Instant Shift Registers

    Discussion in 'Logic' started by Arcaner, Feb 21, 2018.

    1. Arcaner

      Oct 8, 2014
      I am facing a curious problem. I use a shift register and give it a 0.5sec input using a clock. The problem arises when there I spawn (say) a large ship, which causes a bit of lag. The shift register freezes up, and I have to manually reset it. I believe this occurs because the clock freezes and gives the shift register an input a while later, which it doesn't completely accept.

      Is there a way to make an easy 'instant' shift register?
      Also, is it possible to have localized lags on a structure?
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    2. Antikristianos

      Dec 9, 2015
      i would suggest to use full S/R latches on the Flip Flops. that way you should not need the delay blocks.
      instead of the delays you can then use the alternating on off signals from your clock to switch through the flip flops.
      hard to explain how i connected all these ^^ so i just added a template containing the two circuits.
      these are lag resistant and work even at a signal rate of more than 0.5s/signal but require two clean alternating signals.

      I don't think that anything faster than what can be acomplished by two facing rails with activation modules would work.

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    3. Jaaskinal

      Jaaskinal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Jan 19, 2014
    4. PainNigouto

      PainNigouto Emperor/Toymaker

      Aug 11, 2015
      for this exact reason i use a pulse-filter on my shift-detectors
      basicly, if an input signal was given within 0,5 seconds after the previous, both signals will stop and the machine will do nothing

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