Autolinking wireless and swaping/upgrading weapons.


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    May 29, 2013
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    Closely related to a previous post made :

    A wireless autolink:
    Link a wireless logic block to a single rail dock. The wireless would then be linked to an internal remote. When an entity docks to that prelinked dock the wireless checks for other wireless devices on the entity and links them. The pilot can then fire those weapons from flight mode or enable/disable logic or turrets via hotbar.

    This would make adding dockable weapons easier and add to the next idea.

    Swapable modules when purchasing or spawning an entity.
    When shopping for a blueprint a simple dialog would offer the chance to swap modules/computers. After confirming your choices the blueprint you'd end up with would be a modified version of the one requested.

    To expand on this idea:
    How often have we wanted the ability yo exchange one hull color for another? This idea is simple and would allow new players to really customize their first ships with zero knowledge of build mode. In its final form a blueprint alteration and weapon swap out system (or BAWS as I'd call it X3) would allow you to exchange reactors for shield generators and batteries for capacitators. On a newly built ship the hull would look stock but the power and shield mix could be altered drastically. When modifying a ship this could be invaluable to keep newbies from over stepping the power usage and being stuck with a mostly dead ship. Even an inexperienced user could configure a stock ship to their needs with little to no design experience.

    Swapping weapons:

    The base blueprint is Cannon-Cannon-Ion in a 2-1-1 config.

    It's just a dockable weapon meant for use with a autolink dock. So let's say you exchanged the cannon comp and the two modules linked to it with a missile computer. The modules would be swapped out to match the original 2 module config.

    You'd then have a 2-1-1 Missile-Cannon-Ion config.

    All without having to go into a build mode or find a shipyard. You could also then swap out the second cannon computer with one module for a beam computer. It would automatically match the module count from the computer it replaced.

    You would now have a Missile-Beam-Ion in the same 2-1-1 configuration.

    For the sake of user friendliness include a read out displaying the power usage. You can see, on-the-fly, the output of the refit so you can easily tell if your new weapon is going to use too much power. This would let you change how the weapons on an entity behave without needing to know where the modules are physically or worrying about linking issues. And you'd be well aware of any power issues before being allowed to spawn the blueprint.

    *posting this now. i'll do the edits later when i'm not so knackered.
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    If you don't have a docket entity or 8x8x8 block accessible without removing other blocks, it's hard to do that in build mode.
    Experienced players can profit from that too.​

    What about making an array's space as easy configurable as cargo-space? Just make sure all blocks are connected in a group.