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    [Advice] How are salvagers currently working?

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Syra2305, Dec 26, 2018.

    1. Syra2305

      Jan 10, 2017
      Hey Citizens!

      I plan on making a comeback to Starmade, and i will try to build myself a decent salvager to get back into the system again. I have some brief experience with power 2.0. The Weapon 2.0 i missed almost completely though.

      Now i tried to dig something up at YT. But there was only one Video ny JW608 that tackled the Salavager at all and it looked like the interaction between Weapon Modules and Salvage Modules are gone?

      So kind engineers out there, can you give me some help on my endeavor?

      Questions would be:

      - Is it still of any use to combine salvage modules with weapon modules?
      - Is the Block HP on Asteroids/Planets still 200? (so i would basically need 100 Modules in Line?)
      - Is it still the Waffle Design or can one utilize the "more beam width per adjacent Block" Rules for Weapons?

      I try to be efficient here. Especially on the Server. So i try to avoid fractions for the beam hit calculation.
      Somewhere i read that a server can only handle ~1k Blocks per "Tick" taken? That would be interessting too.
      I want to be mining fast, but not at the cost of the server being stressed into oblivion.

      Thank you all for your replies, i really appreciate your help!
    2. MrGrey1

      Feb 10, 2017
      Salvagers are stand alone so adding weapon modules does nothing. 8 modules / beam is ideal, waffle is still necessary but with only 8 modules / beam they're nice and compact.
    3. Syra2305

      Jan 10, 2017
      So the Salvage Beam Damage got increased to 25/Module?

      Well that sounds pretty neat! 8 Blocks deep instead 50.That's quite an improvement.

      Is aligning the Beams in width doing anything good? for example a group of 8x8, is it burning 8 Blocks/tick?
    4. Scypio

      Sep 18, 2014

      If you go further in one line it won't collect more than one.