[31st of March] Schine Q&A Answers

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      Here are the answers to the Q&A thread from the 31st of March, this should be all of them. If not, shoot me a PM and we'll answer it for the next one. We will be coming out with a dev blog soon :)

      Our next Q&A is now open for questions: [14th of April] Schine Bi-weekly Q&A

      This answer would be a bit long to answer here. We will introduce how the endgame will look like with the universe update - schemaschema


      We do have an end goals document here: StarMade Endgoals (All Parts)

      That might answer (or partially) answer your question. - DukeofRealmsDukeofRealms

      We are looking to make character ship interaction more immersive which will probably include chairs - schemaschema

      They will be removed (or upgraded as a rare tribute) for the universe update - schemaschema

      This will also be described with the universe update. It will likely include all of what you said. - schemaschema

      Is on the todo list for the weapon update. - schemaschema

      Effects are going to be changed for the weapon update. Other effects will be done mostly via the reactor. Additional tools will be added individually. - schemaschema

      It will likely be one big patch for release. However there will be dev versions along the way. To streamline and save time, those will be highly experimental to test and showcase features, while fixes and polishing will be at the end of the update. - schemaschema

      We are thinking about changing the flight model and will likely try out a lot of different things. - schemaschema

      This list will be worked down by me (schema) after the dev build but before release and I’ll try to fix as many as possible. - schemaschema

      Added to todo list - schemaschema

      We would like the economy to be a balanced input & output of resources. Credits might still be the way to exchange goods however. - schemaschema

      We will likely raise the free available integrity. There will also be tools added for servers to change integrity necessity on the fly. - schemaschema

      Possibly, but I’ll have to further look into it. - schemaschema

      A lead is planned, and will likely be added to the short range scanners - schemaschema

      We want to expand the systems significantly, especially for the universe update - schemaschema

      chambers and weapons are definitely planned to be logic detectable/controllable. - schemaschema

      The push pulse will still be available as a tool (but without combinations). It’s just the damage pulse that has been taken out. - schemaschema

      There is a possibility for all of those, although not exactly planned. For the universe update there are more methods for salvage/mining planned. With the new repair beam there will also several new options for stations. - schemaschema

      Yes, replacing them with better ones. - schemaschema


      I've spoken about this a bit in the past, here's a small quote:

      Basically, current planets are definitely unusable. A significant reason for this is when we switched our chunk size from 16x16x16 to 32x32x32 in v0.199.132, we didn't optimize planets for these chunk changes. The top priority for our new planet system is optimisation (and with that, size) - DukeofRealmsDukeofRealms

      The style of survival of starmade will likely not be that much on an astronaut level (like having to eat etc), but rather on a world building one (supply/control/growing of regions/empire) - schemaschema

      Below are all unanswered questions from previous sessions, which we'll draw from if extra time is available.

      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      - The Schine Team
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      Thats cool! So that april 1st gif last time wasnt nothing afterall?

      This is all great to know finally.

      Also, first.
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      Last years april fools gift was of the new planet system and does showcase some of its ability. While we've implemented many performance upgrades from the beginning of the project, the biggest one has yet to come.
    4. Macharius

      Jun 27, 2013
      Hello, again, it's nice to have some answers.

      For the devbuild, are there some bugfix with the displays ?: special signs are broken and we encounter massive fps drop when there is too much text ^-^"
      ⚓ T2140 Display Module 50fps to 8fps
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      Did you miss the part where everyone called you out for that thing being an overly long way of saying "everyone gets to do whatever they want forever"? It's ridiculously naive and misrepresentative and doesn't give any indication what you're going to do when things are mutually exclusive. Eg an explorer would want fast travel times and low restrictions on where to go while that makes territory control impossible for an imperialist since they can't protect large areas from people popping in and out. Imperialist gameplay would function much better if it took real life days to travel from one faction's space to another, but that would kill the pacing of exploration, so what do you choose?

      Here's a question for you, "how should ships be balanced?" This is a pretty god damn fundamental piece of information about your game that you don't seem to have any idea about.

      In robocraft any two vehicles are kept fairly similar in power with weapons losing effectiveness the more of them you have and size restrictions in matches keeping everyone about equally durable, which it seems like 2.0 is trying to do, but that's an ARENA GAME. How does it make any sense that you can spend 40 hours mining to put together a cruiser that then gets owned by a tiny fighter that only took 10 minutes of work to get???
      Ballanced around cost? Mass? DIMENSIONS??? Are we supposed to have different ship types that can cooperate in team fights, or is that cheating? Should completely basic n00b ships be 100% on par with meticulously planned out ships built by veterans? Any shipyard requirements? Special resources? Ammo for better DPS / fuel for better speed? Have you thought about this at all or do you just open up notepad and start peeing on random code when your forum pets start crying about made up issues like gigantism or empty space?
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    7. Gristle

      Dec 23, 2013
      RaisinbatRaisinbat - Not in the least subtle or polite, but I do think you have some valid points.
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    8. akimzav

      Aug 17, 2014
      That's the real question being asked by [​IMG]@Raisinbat here. What reference values everything is going to be balanced around?

      Here are some examples of these 'reference values':
      • What will be the main parameters of a ship/station to estimate their survivability and firepower? Mass/size/dimensions/power gen/system block count?
      • How long should 1v1, NvN, 2NvN, etc. battle last, if all involved ships are identical? Like, 1 minute, or, 1 hour or something else?
      • Which thickness of hull should be considered as 'light armor' and not 'heavy armor'?
      • How many star systems there needs to be under a single faction's control for it to be considered 'Empire of Benjamin' and not 'Ben's backyard'?
      • How many ships should there be in an average-sized fleet?
      • When a ship stops being considered as a fighter and becomes a battleship instead?
      • How much resources should a successful lone miner be able to gather in 1 hour?

      As you see, there are many values which can possibly be referenced to when there is a necessity to balance gameplay. The absence of any values of this kind, or balancing consisting only of patching exploits which the community speaks about here on forums, will most certainly lead to a questionable quality and enjoyability of the game at best.

      Considering all of the above, my question is: are there such reference values which the dev team is aiming for, or keeping in mind at least?
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    9. Blodge

      Jul 7, 2013
      I suspect the answer to all but the last point about mining will be "It depends on the server" as many of them will scale relative to other players.

      • Ship survivability will depend on how many people want to kick your ass and what they have to do it with. Ship characteristics, as always, will depend on block count and dimensions.
      • The length of a battle will depend on the relative damage dealing/absorbing strengths of the ships, and the skill and determination of the Pilots. While a 1v1 fight which lasts an hour is probably not desirable, I don't see how you can prevent this in a game which encourages creative freedom of ship design.
      • We already have different grades of armout strength. Again, thickness is determiend by the Builder. If my ship has a 3m thick hull and everyone else's is 2m, I have "heavy armour".
      • If one Faction is dominating the server by having 2 Systems and everyone else is struggling to keep hold of 1, then that Faction has an Empire. The Ottoman Empire controlled significantly less land than the Mongul Empire, but I'd still call them both Empires.
      • Average fleet size would be the average for the server.
      • There are whole threads discussing the issue of what is a Fighter and what is not, and the answers are almost as various as the number of contributors. Some fleets may not even contain ships fitting either description.

      I think what RaisinbatRaisinbat is actually talking about is will the game's overall design come to favour one style of play over another, and what checks will there be to prevent one faction from dominating a server over all others, and older players slaughtering newbies on-sight. Bascially, how are they going to keep the game fun and fair to all player types.

      I suspect at this point Schema doesn't really know. He's just trying to build the best Universe simulator he can, and will probably try to crystalise some sort of game-play model out of it once the foundations are sound.
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    10. Nosajimiki

      Sep 14, 2017
      Imperialism style play actually benefits just as much from faster travel as exploration. Fast travel makes factions more likely to interact with each other, making them more likely to vie for strategically significant places.

      If your cruiser gets owned by a fighter, chances are you made a really bad cruiser, or they made a really good fighter. That is a valid outcome as long as it accurately reflects skills that a player had to invest a lot of time and careful planning to learn and implement. Spaghetti is easy, and it can single-handedly determine the outcome of a fight so it is bad for game play, but things like hyper-arrays, staged weapon systems, and damage mitigating system layouts are actually good for game play because no single one of them can make a ship unstoppable, but aggregated, they reflect a reward to the player who innovates and spends time building something other than a doom cube.

      I believe he's already declared that multi-ship engagements of specialized ships are actually a goal of the endgame.

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      DUUUUUUDE heck yeah!
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      No akimzavakimzav has it right. My beef is that every single ballance update schine has released has made PVP worse for EVERYONE, because they have no plan for how ships should interact with each other and what strengths/weaknesses certain builds should have, and just react to anything the forums chosen ones complain about, regardless of merit.

      I think you mixed up imperialist and fighter; imperialists aim to control territory, not to simply fight. If it is impossible to control territory, and with current mobility it is, only homebases are defendable and that's because they're invincible, anyone can romp through your territory and blow up all your stuff while you're asleep and there's nothing you can do about it.

      Just imagine any RTS if all the units could teleport; you'd constantly be trying to chase down attackers that can hop out whenever they like; chokepoints dont matter and defender strength is diminished the more territory they need to defend since attackers can hit anywhere so defender must spread their forces out to the point where they are outnumbered no matter where they're attacked.

      Look at planetside; noone in that game gives a toot about territory control, people just run around in huge zergs farming points, noone bothers defending anything because territory control doesn't matter; you go bed, wake up and everything is completely random again. If all you want to do is fight, sure that works, but there's no faction warfare this way.

      Consider the alternative; If a long range jump took 16 hours to execute and defenders had a tool to extend that up to an extra 6 hours, determined by defender, it would function as a form of negotiation between factions on when the fight would take place. Then you'd have time to organize your forces and come up with a plan for the battle and people know when to be online. Sure its not fun to wait 16 hours, but that can easily be solved with teleporters, if a fleet could be ordered to move somewhere, you can just let the AI fly there then switch to piloting those ships when they arrive.


      Also the more mobile fleets are the less important it is to control territory in close proximity to your home, since you can easily hope a few galaxies away. Unoccupied territory will always be easier to take than occupied territory, so factions have no reason to fight.

      Sure, for now, but with local shields and combat regen disabled schine are apparently trying to bridge that gap, which is what my post is about. Why are they making these terrible ballance changes all the time.
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    13. Nosajimiki

      Sep 14, 2017
      I disagree. Imperialism with super limited mobility suffers just as much as everyone else. You are picturing "Imperialism" like those old facebook games where you send armies of auto-calc prefab units to do your fighting hours after you log out, but that is not how StarMade works. StarMade is a factions game. An Empire, is made up of players who are your generals. For a major conflict to happen means you need players from both sides converging in one place and that only happens if travel time is reasonable. I understand your concern about holding territory, but that is an issue with how territory is claimed, not with travel time.

      Fast travel time means a battlefield can be reinforced by both sides before the fight it over. It also means you can fly around fast enough to establish the trade networks, jump gate connections, etc in a worthwhile time frame that form the basis of your empire's automation

      Fast travel also makes interacting in inter-faction politics to be more meaningful because it means that you are more likely to come under attack by joint forces, and be able to call on the aid of allied factions that are online when you come under siege.
    14. GalactusX

      Jul 30, 2013
      Sorry, I have to ask ... some plan to implement / improve functionalities for logical stuff? Something like:

      - Control the commands of the fleet using logic? ( launch / recall desired ships like drones for example under certain conditions)
      - Allow turn on / off warpgates using logic?
      - Allow activating teleporters using logic?
      - Allow control Shipyards using logic?
      - Add new functions to the logical blocks present? ( like condition menus, new logic blocks ... NAND and XOR gates are something necessary )
      - Optimize display blocks (more types of fonts and sizes for example)
      - Display blocks in different sizes and shapes?
      - More commands for the display bloks?
      - Solve many bugs and problems present in the logic stuff?

      I know this kind of stuff is in a "final goal" ... but a long time ago, there is no change or improvement in this aspect, and I would like to know if any of these questions will be implemented in future updates ... I do not mean "... we have it in mind for the future ...", I mean something more "This and this other will be implemented in the next updates" ... please, be transparent, thanks