1. S

      Svaash ShipYards

      Here are the ships built in the Svaash ShipYards. Enjoy! Here is the Mad Cat Survey Ship. Here is the Granger Salvage Ship. Here is the Reliant.
    2. MeRobo

      Robo's Stuff 'n' Things

      I was encouraged to make a shipyard thread after asking whether I should. All of the ships I post here are supposed to go up on CC at some point. Edit: I decided to reduce the pictures to a maximum of three per ship in the WIP and Cancelled sections, one plus CC link for finished ships, also...
    3. Ashura01

      Ashura01 Shipworks

      Hi everyone, I've been away from starmade for a while and I finally decided to dust off my copy a few weeks ago, and I felt like showing off some of the stuff I've been working on since I started playing again. EDF-Starseeker...
    4. Guard13007

      Suggestions for this work in progress transport?

      d41d3d5717f74fa78c75c96580e33488 I-Beam Transport Mk1 (wip2) by Guard13007 on Sketchfab Been working on this design for a small simple transport. Currently can carry 84k volume and has a 3-module chain drive. 80k is in 8 of my 10k cargo pods, 4k is in the main vessel. I'm going to be adding...
    5. Guard13007

      I-Beam Transport Mk1

      The I-Beam Transport is designed to be lightweight and carry a large number of Guard13007 Industries' Cargo Pods. Compatible with v2 pods and the upcomming v3m pods. 085c3fd8b66a4b00bec16fbdc3c266e5 I- Beam Transport Mk1 by Guard13007 on Sketchfab Travel is powered via a 3-module chain drive...
    6. xaubercrow

      GI_Valakiron X3

      Valakiron - Hybrid Cruiser/Frigate cb3169d0dfca42319cc9c1cc837e1c45 The Valakiron is a new Hybrid Command Ship of the Actually GI-Fleet. It is made for Command your Ships and also Stay in Defence Mode. It will probably handle himself with its Firepower,it is Fused with in imbue...
    7. Beliant

      Azteck_MK1 2016-07-23

      a medium ship made to small distances planet landing, as get out from mothership or space station nearby, can be used in rescue missions and researches too, a small storage, and stop effect! hope you enjoy it!!!
    8. Gmodism

      GI_HYAKU PAASENTO - Light Ion Cruiser X1

      HYAKU PAASENTO MARK 1 The Hyaku Paasento (100%) is a Light Cruiser with strong shields, many turrets and some nice rail doors. It has interiors and is set up for having a full crew, the HYAKU is no only a efficient combat vessel but also a celebration to the naval shipbuilders on old earth at...