1. S

      Bullfrog Black Ops Heavy Lifter 1.0

      Neo Echota Drive Yards is proud to present to you the new Bullfrog Black Ops Heavy lifter! This craft ensures that your cargo deliveries make it to their destination, regardless of their legality, or the disposition of local law enforcement when taking on or offloading cargo. Not to mention...
    2. El_Poulpy

      a Stealth and Scan revamp proposal

      I had an idea while watching the expanse (episode 10 or 11 of season 2) concerning stealth mechanic and radar. TLDR: a more complex stealth and scan system that allows things like hide among asteroid, scan the content of this trade freighter you, pirate bastard, may raid , smuggling and other...
    3. Napther

      KDI Moonlighter Smuggler-hauler MK1

      So I made this on a whim on the CreatiCrew build server as a muck-around and make something small. So I made something thats kinda sleek and built to smuggle stuff. which is where it gets its name as the KDI Moonlighter, Moonshine likely still exists in the galactic age, but its more than...
    4. Gundahn

      outlaw class freighter 2016-10-02

      A light freighter used by smugglers for its speed. Comes equipped with: - 3 low profile auto cannon turrets - 1 main auto cannon - 2 airlocks, 1 on each side - captains quarters - transporter - small cargo room - bridge this is my first ship to build from scratch, any feedback will be...
    5. GloryFang

      Runner Mk I 1.0

      Features living space, small cargo hold, landing gear and boarding ramp. No weapons (Space was reeeeaaally limited with interior), but features a jammer and partial overdrive, all packed in well under 500 mass and only 53 meters in width.
    6. colonel lacu

      JCS-smuggler 1,0

    7. Szlfsz

      Explorer Mk3 2016-02-09

      This ship was used to explore uncharted space, but thanks to it's get-away abilities, nowadays it is a smuggler's choice. This version also hosts some experimental weapon systems, 2x AntiMissile turrets and a fast EscapePod.