1. kikaha

      Runtime exception shader V 0.201.002

      Hello ! One more runtime exception on my Linux run installation. Logs attach (i hope).
    2. R

      StarMade shader crash issue

      Everytime the game loads to 100% it will crash and display an error saying... RuntimeException org.schema.schine.graphicsengine.shader.ShaderException: data//shader/cube/quads13/shadowcube.vsh ERROR: 0:1: " : version '130' is not supported I use a Macbook Pro 2012 15' with an Intel Iris Pro...
    3. T

      Bug error loading cube-3rd.vsh (v0.199.402) + workaround

      I've encountered a bug that kept me from loading the game on my Linux machine, but I've found a workaround about it too. (Link here) I just thought maybe I should post a link to the bug-report to make it easier finding a workaround for it as I'm sure I'm not the only one getting this.
    4. S

      Bug crash at 30% when loading new game

      hello all; As in the title, I can't launch a new game due to loading crash, always happens at 30% using the starmade system checker, here is some info about my config: Windows 7 32 bits intel i5-3210M CPU 2.5GHz (quadcore) 4096mb of RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 660M Java 8 32 bits here is the last...
    5. kupu

      Kills Display Module scanline / flicker. (experimental) 2016-06-06

      Experimental. Not official. Probably completely fine but maybe not. Extract and replace scaline.frag.glsl with this file to install.
    6. DaveC9000

      Shader Mod: Dawn of the Dodecs 2015-09-09

      StarMade planets are dodecahedrons. Why fight it? I say celebrate diversity! This mod replaces a couple of shaders to change the way that planets in the distance look. The most notable change is that the atmospheric sphere around the planets is not visible when the planet is far away. It's...
    7. Megacrafter127

      Shader-/ConfigInstaller 2015-03-02

      Requested by Crusade. Simply unpacks a set of zip files into your StarMade folder, overriding existing files in the process if collisions occur. Not more, not less. Tool is self explanatory once launched, although you'll still have to find your StarMade installation folder yourself.