1. Arcaner

      Starmade-Events: PvP Engagements, Specials

      I was on Chat with a couple of other guys, and I was struck by an idea. As I discussed it with them, it became evident a more formal suggestion had to be put forward. I don't play much on multiplayer (Ever since Redshift died, and later on CraftAu too) but after talking to others and viewing...
    2. schema

      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      Thread has been closed now. This is a proposal; we're looking for feedback on this system so that we can develop the best power system with assistance from the community. We realise that we may have overlooked some aspects of gameplay, this is why we're sharing our idea. Let's work together...
    3. Criss

      Criss' Thread

      Hello! Aside from managing social media I work on a lot of the in-game assets that will be present in the StarMade universe. A few others and I will use this thread to show off the work being done on the latest builds and maybe tease future releases. We will also talk about the design...