1. klawxx

      Klawxx - Shipyard | W.I.P. News & Screenshots

      Hello there, guys! I Would like to share something I'm working on as my fist power v2.0 project. It's not a replica, but I would say it really looks like the original design. I have replaced some curved surfaces with more plane or hexagonal shapes to reduce the "jagged" effect they produce...
    2. B

      Have StarMade auto import .sment files on startup.

      So you are a new player and want to use some awsome ship or station from the dock. Only to find that you have to download them as a .sment file or even a .rar or .zip compressed .sment file. How to turn that into a blueprint you can use ingame? You use the Ships Catalog but man that is complex...
    3. G

      Import Ships

      How do I import ships into Starmade
    4. OmegaGame

      Star Trek: Akira class (hull) 2016-10-20

      A wonderful schematic import requested from my forum thread. The ship hull is 1:1 and perfectly symmetrical.
    5. T

      Vox2sm3 0.3.2

      Vox2sm3 is a command-line tool for converting .binvox voxel files into blueprint files for Starmade, combined with the binvox program, it allows the importing of shells of entire ships from their 3dmodel. Features Pickable block type to use when exporting a ship, a core is placed where the...
    6. T

      binvox to sm3 blueprint (Released)

      Ive spent the last few days making a converter from the binvox format to the new sm3 blueprint format The purpose of this program is for importing in large hulls originally in .obj format using binvox for the voxeliseation First release of the program Vox2sm3 a test conversion of the hulk...
    7. ItsAsylum

      Issue I am currently having.

      After taking some time away from gaming I am finally back, and with a new computer that can actually play games. So here is the problem I built a ship on my mini pc, I of course want to bring it over to the new computer so I can play and mod it some more. I went into ship manager and...