1. J

      Turret Hotkey 0.5

      If you already have starloader just put this jar in your mods folder just download the dev build and install it from the mod browser
    2. Gonzalo

      Select fire needs to have different hotkey

      Hi. I like the concept of select fire turrets. I do not like how it selects targets with the same key we use to view things (f). This causes many accidents and even if you are careful makes it annoying because you have to turn off the turrets whenver you want to simply view the stats of a...
    3. Benevolent27

      Read by Council Custom Hotkeys

      Well, since there are so many different functions and menus and options in game, I don't really think there is a practical way to give buttons for everything. So, I say give more options to what people can choose. Allow a hotkey to run a command. Also, allow key combos, like using ALT, SHIFT...
    4. P

      Read by Council Hotkeys for "remove looking at" and "replace looking at"

      Since we now have the cool feature that we can select what we are looking at i recomnd adding 2 hotkeys for "removing looking at" and "replacing looking at with selected block" It would significantly decrease building time.
    5. NeonSturm

      Recognized by Council Advanced hotkey settings

      It would also be nice to have hotkeys for these settings. No need to choose custom ones, :schema: should just implement an advanced config text-input or line-by-line input: if "context" use "hotkey" for "action" action can be "do buildmode.xplus" or "context buildmode" or "combo buildmode" "do"...