1. Napther

      KDI-EFSF Thor LRFSV MK1 1.0

      Foreword: Due to the huge power capacity compared to the rest of the ship in order to fire medium missiles, it is light on raw defences. But its a sniper type that AI will HOPEFULLY not mess up when flying. It has up to 3 sectors range by default but the Decoys only work for 1.5 sectors...
    2. Raiben

      EFSF Barracuda RC4

      EFSF Barracuda, Designed as a long range scout ship. Equipped with jump drives, radar jammer, Overdrive, and high-powered Scanner.
    3. Raiben

      EFSF Milchkuh RC3

      The EFSF Milchkuh is a medium tanker hauling very explosive fuel. It's meant to be an RP style build, and was a lot of fun to make. It's a new style for me, so I hope you enjoy! The tanker comes with a fuel probe that can be remotely opperated from the ship, as well as several fuel pump masts...
    4. Raiben

      Greta RC1

      The most amazing garbage truck! It's really just a derp build, but it does work :P Enjoy!
    5. Raiben

      Rum-Runner RC1

      The Rum-Runner is a high end, high speed smuggling ship meant for local transport. This was a 7-8 hour speedbuild done during a recent viewer request livestream. If you would like to hear more about her check out the video below!
    6. Raiben

      EFSF Raptor RC2

      EFSF Raptor Scout Interceptor Stats: Mass: 4,452 Length: 159m Height: 29m Width: 107m Power: 1.2Mil Storage 876K Regen Thrust: 6.3K Shields: 553k Storage 54k Regen Features: 8 Cannon/Cannon barrels (600 dmg per hit) 2 Cannon/Beam/Explosive (29k dmg per hit) 4 Missile/Beam launcher...
    7. Raiben

      StarMade Beastiary (unofficial)

      Hey all, I got bored, wrote some meta, and since no one else seems to be doing it(as far as I can tell), I figured I'd post it here. Tell me what you think! Skora (Great Space Whales) Edit: Skora "card" Originally thought to be only a legend or story passed around as an old miners tale...